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Austin Bicycle Accident Attorney

Hiring an Austin bicycle accident attorney is essential if you have been involved in a serious bike accident. Bicycle accidents often involve the fault of a motorist, and car insurance companies will likely try to shift blame. You should direct all calls to the insurance company to your attorney, who will handle all questions and protect your interests. It’s also a good idea to get the city’s bicycle safety tips before tackling the insurance company on your own.

Injury lawyer

If you have been in a bicycle accident in Austin, you may be eligible for compensation for your injuries. Bicycle accidents are often caused by negligent motorists and can lead to costly future medical bills. In addition to the physical injury you suffer, you may also be entitled to compensation from the person or entity at fault. Bicycle accidents can cause extensive property damage, as well as mental trauma. If you or someone you know has been injured in a bicycle accident, it is imperative that you contact an injury lawyer as soon as possible.

While Austin is becoming increasingly bike-friendly, bicycle accidents can still occur. Unfortunately, Texas ranks third in the nation for the number of bicycle accidents. The consequences of a bicycle accident can be serious and can involve large medical bills, lost time from work, and long rehabilitation. An injury lawyer in Austin can help you fight for the compensation you deserve. If you are unable to continue working due to your injury, an Austin bicycle accident attorney can help you pursue compensation from the person or entity responsible.

In Texas, bicycle accidents can result in significant property damage and lost income. While bicycle riding is an excellent exercise and a great way to save money on fuel, it can also result in serious and potentially fatal accidents. If you are in such a situation, you should immediately contact an Austin bicycle accident lawyer. A lawyer will help you file a personal injury claim for property damage, emotional trauma, and lost income. A personal injury lawyer will also be able to negotiate with insurance companies to maximize the compensation you receive.


If you have been involved in a bicycle accident in Austin, Texas, you need to hire compensation for bicycle accident attorneys. These attorneys are able to obtain compensation on your behalf for damages and medical expenses that you incurred as a result of the collision. Often, bicyclists are underrepresented in Austin, Texas. If you or a loved one has been injured in a bicycle accident, you deserve compensation for the damage that was caused.

Property damage refers to the amount of money that you will need to replace or repair damaged property. You should get estimates for any repairs you have to make before filing a claim. The same applies if you have lost a laptop. You must show receipts proving the cost of replacement. If you have been injured seriously, you will have to produce medical documentation to prove your disability. Even if you are not able to work for a long time, it is important to prove that you are still earning money.

Obtain information from the other party involved in the accident. Collect contact information and insurance information for the other party. Make sure to gather as much information as you can from witnesses. Also, take pictures of the accident site and the traffic signals. Also, document any damages and injuries that were sustained. This will make it easier for you to collect compensation. You should also call your local police department to file a report. In addition, you should file a police report about the accident.


If you have recently been in a bicycle accident, you should have all the documentation you need. This includes all medical bills, copays, prescription costs, and more. You should also have your check stubs and receipts from missed doctor appointments to show how the accident affected your earning potential. If you sustained serious injuries, you may need to show disability paperwork. A bicycle accident attorney in Austin can help you with this documentation.

After you are in an accident, take photos of the scene. Get the contact information of any eyewitnesses, too. You should also collect the plates of the vehicles that hit you and get the driver’s license number. Never admit to fault or sign any insurance documents. Consult with an Austin bicycle accident attorney right away. If you are not sure whether to file a claim, consult a bicycle accident lawyer to determine what your next steps are.

After an accident, document the events surrounding the accident and the injuries you sustained. Obtain eyewitness testimony and other evidence. You have two years to file a lawsuit if you are the victim of a bike accident. It is crucial to contact an attorney as soon as possible after the accident to preserve evidence and eyewitness testimony. In Austin, you have the right to compensation if you have been injured by a negligent driver.


An eyewitness to a bicycle accident can provide valuable information about the incident. Eyewitnesses are able to record information about the accident that may be helpful when proving the other party’s liability and compensation. If the crash occurred on the road, consider taking pictures or videos of the scene to document the details of the accident. Traffic cameras, as well as other cameras in the area, may have captured footage of the incident.

Sadly, many drivers do not respect the rights of cyclists. Even commercial drivers sometimes make mistakes and hit a cyclist. While this is not uncommon in larger cities, it can be especially damaging for a cyclist who is not familiar with the road. Hundreds of accidents are reported in the Austin area every year. To protect your rights, contact an Austin bicycle accident attorney immediately after an accident. You’ll want to preserve all relevant evidence before it’s gone.

Eyewitnesses for Austin bicycle accident attorneys can help you with the entire claim process. They can help you identify all the key witnesses and get the police to record the incident. An eyewitness can provide powerful evidence that will prove that the other party was at fault. It’s important to remember that the other party’s insurance company might have insurance coverage and may be able to pay you more than the other party if you hire an attorney.

Intoxicated motorists

If you were injured in an automobile accident, you are likely wondering if you are eligible for compensation. Intoxicated drivers are more likely to hit bicyclists, and they know how dangerous it is to be intoxicated on the road. While you may not be eligible for compensation, you may be entitled to financial compensation. While drunk drivers are known to cause many crashes, the number of accidents caused by intoxicated motorists has increased dramatically. In the past year, more than 10,000 people died in crashes involving drunk drivers.

These injuries are typically more severe than those sustained by automobile occupants. Because bicyclists lack the protection of airbags or seatbelts, these injuries can be even more severe than those of car occupants. In addition to ejection from a car, a bicyclist can be run over, impaled by debris, and even killed. Unfortunately, intoxicated motorists are more likely to cause serious injury or death than sober drivers. Regardless of the circumstances, it is important to talk to a bicycle accident attorney about your rights.

Drunk drivers may face serious criminal charges for causing an accident. Additionally, if the driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the accident, they may have a criminal record that complicates their recovery. In Austin, Texas, a driver with a previous felony may have even worse consequences and make it more difficult to receive compensation. In addition to the criminal charges, an Austin drunk driving accident attorney can help you fight back against these drivers and secure the compensation you need.

Statute of limitations

A bicycle accident attorney can help you determine if you have a case and help you decide whether or not to proceed with a lawsuit. In New York, the statute of limitations for bicycle accident lawsuits is three years, but there are exceptions. In New York City, the statute of limitations is two years, and you must file your lawsuit within this timeframe to collect compensation. The statute of limitations is not the same for bicycle accidents in other cities, such as Philadelphia or Washington, D.C.

If you are in an accident involving another vehicle, contact an attorney immediately to begin the legal process. The statute of limitations for bicycle accident lawsuits in California is two years from the date of the incident. If you are not able to file a claim within two years, you will have to file a notice of non-compliance with the statute of limitations. The court will review the claim and if it is valid, the county clerk will approve it. Next, the court will begin discovery. This is a process in which the parties involved will exchange information to establish their involvement in the accident.

Although cyclists should always abide by the law, there are times when other drivers don’t follow them. You can hold the driver of the other vehicle responsible for your losses, if you can establish reckless driving. Evidence of reckless driving can include eyewitness testimony, photographs, and accident reconstruction. Further, if you can prove that the other driver was at fault, you can file a claim against them for negligent driving.


Bicyclists are at risk of serious injuries if they are thrown from their bikes in a collision with a car. Head injuries, such as fractured skulls, can result in a paralyzed upper body, paralyzed lower extremities, and spinal cord damage. Injuries from a bicycle accident can also cause painful road rash or even a hernia. Even minor injuries can cause significant problems, resulting in significant medical bills and financial stress. Injuries caused by bicycle accidents can also cause a cyclist to lose their motor skills, which can make it difficult for them to perform their daily activities. Further, a bicycle accident can cause severe injuries to the face, such as a broken nose, a bruised elbow, or a strained knee ligament.

A cyclist can also suffer serious injuries to his or her body, including a fractured skull, and scrapes on the skin. Often, a bicycle crash causes the cyclist to be thrown over the handlebars. The resulting force of the crash propels the cyclist directly into the pavement. The bicycle’s weight may protect the cyclist from the initial force of the crash, but the impact force from the collision is too much to absorb. Eventually, a distracted driver or a tailgater may run over the cyclist and cause further injuries to the bicycle rider. Fortunately, there are experienced bicycle accident attorneys that can help a road biker receive the financial compensation they deserve.