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Auto Accident Attorney Columbus

If you have been in an automobile accident in Columbus, Ohio, you probably want to hire an auto accident attorney. Even though the process may appear straightforward at first, there are many issues to consider. You may be surprised to learn that an insurance adjuster sent you a low settlement offer and didn’t cover everything. Having a Columbus auto accident attorney on your side can help you get a higher settlement, since they are used to dealing with insurance companies.

Car accidents caused by drunk drivers

Every year, approximately 17,000 people in the U.S. die in car accidents caused by drunk drivers. Almost 300 people are injured in drunk driving accidents each week. According to the NHTSA, one out of every four fatal car accidents occurs because of impaired driving. In addition to the law enforcement penalties, drunk driving can affect a driver’s reaction time, vision, and depth perception. Consequently, if you or someone you know is driving while intoxicated, you should never get behind the wheel.

While the drunk driver’s insurance policy should pay for some medical expenses, it may not cover all of them. This is because a drunk driver’s policy usually has a cap of $50,000, so a legal claim against the drunk driver will probably require a higher cap. But if you suffer severe injuries, you can still pursue a claim against the drunk driver and seek recovery through his liability insurance coverage. This may involve filing a civil lawsuit against the drunk driver.

Drunk drivers often fail to follow traffic laws and often speed or fail to use turn signals. Many of them are also inattentive, failing to see pedestrians at crossings. Because of these impairments, drunk drivers often cause high-speed, reckless collisions. These types of collisions are often catastrophic. Drunk drivers are also notorious for driving on the wrong side of the road, causing head-on collisions and other catastrophic crashes.

Because of the negative consequences of drunk driving, victims of these accidents are entitled to compensation. While the victims of drunk driving accidents can file insurance claims and lawsuits, they must be aware that their injuries may be permanent. In addition to physical injuries, emotional trauma caused by a drunk driver can result in post-traumatic stress disorder or anxiety. It is vital that victims pursue legal action against the drunk driver who caused the accident to receive compensation.

Distracted driving is an epidemic across the US

Using cell phones while driving is a major cause of distraction on the road. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 660,000 drivers are using cell phones during daylight hours. These distractions increase the likelihood of accidents and fatalities. Many motorists may not realize that they are distracted until the accident has already occurred. In order to prevent this epidemic from spreading, drivers should put away their phones when driving.

A recent study concluded that drivers were distracted at least half of the time they were driving. However, these statistics are likely under-reported. To better understand how widespread driver distraction is, the USDOT and NHTSA have conducted a nationwide survey of light passenger vehicles. The study, called the National Motor Vehicle Crash Causation Survey, examined 5,471 accidents over a two-year period. The researchers analyzed the causes of crashes, critical events that preceded them, and other factors associated with crashes.

Several different activities can distract a driver, including eating, talking on the phone, watching videos, and fiddling with a navigation system or entertainment system. One of the worst distractions of all is texting while driving. While this distraction takes the driver’s attention off the road for as little as five seconds, it is equivalent to driving a football field with your eyes closed. Distracted driving is a serious epidemic across the US, and the consequences are devastating.

Distracted driving is a major cause of crashes. According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, distracted driving is responsible for more than 3500 crashes each year and kills nearly three thousand people per year. It is estimated that nine people die and 1,000 are injured in car crashes each day. The real numbers are likely much higher. The study also states that distracted driving is the leading cause of fatal car crashes in young adults.

Somos Law Firm

Tom Somos is an auto accident attorney in Columbus, Ohio who helps clients with their Personal Injury – General Plaintiff concerns. He graduated from Capital University Law School in 1997 and became licensed to practice in Ohio in 1999. Tom is a member of the Ohio Bar Association, and has represented clients in cases ranging from personal injury to small business law. In addition to representing individuals and families, Tom also provides legal services for businesses.

Agee Clymer Attorneys at Law is a multi-practice law firm in Columbus, Ohio that represents people who are injured in car crashes. The firm is dedicated to protecting the rights of accident victims by resolving disputes related to damage compensation, lost income, and long-term rehabilitation expenses. The firm has over 75 years of combined legal experience and has been rated “Superb” on AVVO.

Somos Law Firm has been representing injured individuals in Columbus, Ohio for over 25 years. Their attorneys handle cases involving automobile accidents, commercial trucking accidents, and other accidents involving pedestrians and public transportation. The firm also provides legal counsel and guidance to injured individuals in dealing with insurance companies. Among its attorneys is Timothy Van Eman, a certified civil trial advocate. This designation means that he has extensive experience and knowledge in this field.

Another law firm in the Columbus metro area is the Law Offices Of Dave Frissora LLC. Located in Columbus, the firm represents accident victims in personal injury and other legal matters. Attorneys at the firm provide personal attention and guidance through the legal process, often visiting clients at home. The firm is experienced in handling social security disability and worker’s compensation cases. Additionally, Steven C. Babin is a member of the Halt Violence Committee.

Kenneth S. Nugent

If you were injured in a car crash, you may be able to get compensation for your injuries by filing a personal injury claim. Accidental injury lawyers have the skill and experience to negotiate a favorable settlement on your behalf. They will take care of all of the legal aspects of your case while you focus on recovering. The goal of an auto accident attorney is to maximize your settlement amount, so you can focus on recovering.

Before starting his own firm, Mr. Nugent worked at other law firms, including McConnell, Sneed & Cohen, Weinstock & Scavo, and Dial LLP. His work experience included personal injury, insurance litigation, and general litigation. His vast experience in the area has allowed him to strategize on the best course of action for a client. While not an auto accident attorney, Nugent has been a successful trial attorney, with several high-profile cases.

While there is no substitute for quality legal representation, you should contact a skilled attorney as soon as possible. If you or a loved one has been injured in a car crash, you must act quickly to obtain compensation. You have two to four years to file your claim. Call Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. Accidental Injury Attorneys to schedule a free consultation. Don’t make any decisions that will jeopardize your chances of recovering full compensation.

If you have been injured by someone else’s negligence, you may be feeling overwhelmed by your circumstances. Your medical expenses, lost time at work, and pain are all likely to be difficult to manage. While you may be tempted to accept the first settlement offer you receive, it is important to remember that it is never a good idea to settle for anything less than what you deserve. In Columbus, GA, you should hire a personal injury attorney to protect your rights and interests.

Kenneth S. Kitrick

If you’ve been hurt in a car accident, you need a qualified legal professional on your side. A personal injury or consumer protection law firm can help you make a strong case for compensation. They will also help you pursue contract claims against insurance companies if you’re unable to pay for the damages caused by the accident. Attorney Mark Kitrick has been practicing law for 39 years, and has been an Amicus Committee member for the MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Drivers) organization.

A firm called Abramson & O’Connell, LLC, provides legal representation for individuals in the Columbus area. Their attorneys handle all kinds of motor vehicle accidents, including wrongful death, distracted driving, and mechanical errors. They are members of the Association of Trial Attorneys for Justice. The firm also handles wrongful death, employment law, and dangerous drugs. Moreover, Steven C. Babin, the founder and chairperson of the firm, is involved in numerous governmental and charitable organizations.

The Agee Clymer Attorneys at Law, LLC, has over 80 years of combined legal experience. The firm handles automobile accidents, and it focuses on defending clients against underinsured and uninsured drivers. It also handles medical malpractice, defective products, and wrongful death cases. Their firm is comprised of 30 attorneys and eight office locations. The firm handles over 100 new cases each year.

HMW Law, L.P.A., is another firm in Columbus with 75 years of combined experience. They represent clients in all types of car accidents, including distracted driving, drunk driving, and other types of accidents. The firm also handles wrongful death and premises liability cases. Attorney HMW has over 75 years of combined experience in personal injury, and their attorneys handle all types of motor vehicle accidents.