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Auto Accident Lawyer Boston

Before hiring an auto accident lawyer, it is important to understand exactly what services they provide. Boston attorneys can handle a variety of legal matters, including examining medical records and talking with doctors to determine if you have suffered injuries. They will also negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf and provide you with periodic updates regarding your case. To learn more about these services, keep reading! Below are just a few examples of what to expect from your Boston auto accident lawyer.

Finkelstein & Partners

As a top Boston auto accident lawyer, you have a number of options when you have been injured or killed in a motor vehicle crash. Many times, the accident was caused by someone who was distracted, speeding, or under the influence of alcohol. These circumstances are particularly dangerous for pedestrians, because these drivers often ignore or disregard pedestrians. Additionally, drunk drivers are risky because they have poor judgment and slow down their reaction time. In addition, one-third of traffic accident fatalities are the result of speeding. Pedestrians and cyclists must follow all traffic signals and rules, and these injuries are often the result of negligence on the part of other motorists.

Personal injury lawyers often work on a contingency basis, meaning that they do not get paid unless they recover compensation for their client. A Boston auto accident lawyer can help you file a claim for compensation after an accident, and their firm will investigate the accident and gather evidence that will support your claim. Once the accident is fully understood, a lawyer will estimate the claim value and file a demand with the at-fault party’s insurance provider. After filing the demand, the insurance provider will assign an adjuster to evaluate your claim.

In addition to monetary damages, victims may also be eligible for non-monetary damages. While lost wages and rehabilitation costs are important, they do not cover the cost of household chores. Non-monetary damages, like pain and suffering, mental anguish, and lost productivity, may also be included in a settlement. Boston auto accident lawyers can help you obtain the compensation you deserve. So, contact Finkelstein & Partners, auto accident lawyer Boston today!

Andrew Finkelstein has a distinguished legal career. He has successfully represented many victims in personal injury cases. His law firm recently obtained a landmark verdict in excess of $34 million against a major pharmaceutical company. Additionally, he personally secured many six-figure awards on behalf of plaintiff clients. While these awards are impressive, they aren’t enough to compensate accident victims. It’s important to speak with a Boston bus accident attorney to determine the full extent of compensation you’re entitled to.

Bellotti Law Group

When you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, the Bellotti Law Group, P.C. can help you seek compensation for your injuries. With over 20 years of experience in car accident cases, our firm knows what to look for in police reports and how to make your case in court. We stand up to insurance companies and fight for your rights. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

Peter V. Bellotti is the managing partner of Bellotti Law Group, P.C. The Bellotti Law Group has three convenient offices in Greater Boston, Massachusetts, and serves clients in surrounding areas. Peter Bellotti has extensive experience in advocacy and is known for obtaining substantial settlements for accident victims and their families. He also offers in-depth legal commentary for various news outlets and has written extensively on legal topics. He graduated from Connecticut College in 1978 and earned his Juris Doctor from the New England School of Law in 1984. He is a member of the Massachusetts Bar Association and is admitted to the U.S. District Court for Massachusetts.

In this case, the grandmother was walking with her friend when a truck struck her. The truck driver denied liability, claiming that he was driving below the posted speed limit and did not have time to avoid the pedestrian. The plaintiff hired an economist to value the decedent’s services and damages. In another case, a union-member construction worker suffered serious injuries and lost his job. Ultimately, the Bellotti Law Group auto accident lawyer Boston successfully obtained a combined settlement for the injured worker of over $1 Million.

As a senior assistant district attorney for Middlesex County, attorney Bellotti has extensive trial experience. His proven ability to win at trial has earned him a reputation as a tough opponent. His dedication and experience has won many cases for his clients. His superior negotiation skills at mediations have led to seven-figure settlements. And as a result of his excellent reputation, his clients have a better chance of receiving compensation after a car accident.

Diller Law

Marc Diller, an auto accident lawyer with Diller Law, has extensive experience fighting for injured individuals and the families of those killed in car accidents. As a former law student, he worked at a prominent Boston firm and in the United States District Attorney’s Office. He has been with Diller Law, LLP, since 2007 and has handled a variety of civil litigation cases. In addition to serving his clients in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, he is also passionate about giving his clients the information they need to make informed decisions regarding their legal rights.

If you were injured in an automobile accident caused by a negligent driver or a defective product, you can seek compensation for your losses through a personal injury lawsuit. You can hire a lawyer in Boston to investigate the accident, gather evidence for your claim, and estimate the value of your claim. Once you’ve retained a lawyer, you should file a demand for compensation with the at-fault party’s insurance provider. The insurance provider will then assign an adjuster to evaluate the claim.

When you hire a personal injury attorney in Boston, you can trust that you’ll get the results you deserve. Our attorneys have extensive experience in dealing with cases like yours and have helped many individuals receive the compensation they deserve. In addition to their extensive experience, you can expect to receive excellent results from their hard work. Our auto accident lawyers in Boston have successfully recovered millions for injured clients in many cases. If you’ve been injured in an accident, contact Diller Law, LLP today to learn how we can help you recover the monetary damages you deserve.

A recent case involved a client who suffered injuries to his back after being rear-ended by a truck. The insurer refused to settle the case until five years after the accident, citing minimal visible property damage and the client’s preexisting spinal condition. After three days of trial testimony, the jury returned a verdict in favor of the client. He was able to get his client a six-figure settlement.

Harriman Law

As an auto accident attorney Boston residents can count on, Harriman Law will aggressively fight for the rights of their clients. This firm focuses on personal injury matters and has extensive experience handling a variety of different types of lawsuits. Their clients include victims of automobile accidents, slip and fall accidents, premises liability issues, and even sexual abuse and rape. Their attorneys are available around the clock and are eager to answer their clients’ questions.

A qualified attorney will be able to determine whether you have a case and how much compensation you are entitled to. Whether the accident was your fault or the other driver’s, you deserve to be compensated fairly. An auto accident lawyer Boston will evaluate all of the circumstances surrounding your crash, including other drivers’ driving habits and the condition of the road. They will also investigate whether the other driver was distracted by a cell phone, grooming, or eating while driving.

While Harriman is an avid sports fan, he is also an avid reader and enjoys spending time with his family. He’s a three-season softball player and an avid bowler. Away from the office, Harriman enjoys the theater, dinners out, and playing video games with his friends. And as the sole owner of his own law firm, he’s always available to answer clients’ questions.

An experienced Boston car accident lawyer will examine all of the details of your insurance policy and negotiate on your behalf with the other driver’s insurance company. Ultimately, your lawyer will be your advocate and protect your legal rights. If the other driver’s insurance company isn’t willing to settle, your attorney can file a lawsuit to determine who’s responsible. In such a case, your attorney will file a complaint stating your reasons and how much money you deserve.

If you’re in need of a car accident lawyer in Boston, consider Parker Scheer LLP. Based in Milton, Massachusetts, this personal injury law firm helps clients seek fair and just compensation for their injuries. Their lawyers work with accident reconstruction experts, medical experts, and insurance adjusters to get the maximum settlement possible. They also handle workers’ compensation and Social Security disability claims. Aside from personal injury cases, Harriman Law auto accident lawyer Boston has offices in both Boston and Lowell.