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Chicago Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

If you were involved in a motorcycle accident, you may be able to hold the driver responsible. If they acted negligently, causing an accident, you may be able to hold them responsible for general negligence. Whether it is carelessness or general negligence, drivers have a responsibility to take care of other road users, and causing a serious accident could result in physical, mental, or psychological injuries. Contact a Chicago motorcycle accident lawyer to help you understand your rights and how you can pursue compensation.


A Chicago motorcycle accident lawyer specializing in PTSD may be able to help you file a lawsuit if you have been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Oftentimes, victims of motor vehicle accidents develop PTSD after enduring the trauma. PTSD symptoms include difficulty sleeping, nightmares, hostility, and flashbacks. They may also experience feelings of loneliness, depression, and substance abuse. If left untreated, these symptoms can cripple a person’s life and cause them to turn to addiction or self-destructive behaviors. It is important to find a Chicago motorcycle accident lawyer to help you pursue compensation for your injuries.

In addition to the physical injuries caused by a motorcycle accident, people with PTSD may have medical expenses related to therapy, counseling, and hospitalization. These costs may be included in a settlement. PTSD symptoms can interfere with a person’s ability to work and have a significant impact on relationships with family and friends. It can even increase a person’s risk of suicide. Therefore, a personal injury lawyer can claim PTSD as an additional injury in a personal injury case. Moreover, the damages related to PTSD may include lost wages, medical bills, and other expenses associated with the injury.

Although PTSD can be triggered months or even years after a motorcycle accident, it is important to consult a physician if you suspect that you may be suffering from it. A doctor can assess your symptoms and prescribe medications or connect you with a psychotherapist. Depending on the severity of the accident, your attorney may also prescribe psychotherapy. If you suspect that you have PTSD, you may be eligible for compensation from the accident.

Many people suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. While motor vehicle accidents are the most common cause of this disorder, any accident involving dangerous situations or violent acts can result in PTSD. PTSD can be triggered by other types of accidents, including workplace injuries and premises liability cases. A Chicago motorcycle accident lawyer specializing in PTSD can help you file a claim and receive compensation for treatment. Your Chicago motorcycle accident lawyer specializing in PTSD will help you get compensation for these issues and seek the best medical care.

You deserve compensation for your injuries after a motorcycle accident. This compensation can cover the costs of medical care and emotional recovery. A Chicago motorcycle accident lawyer can fight for the maximum compensation for you. Moreover, Illinois motorcycle accidents accounted for 14.1% of all fatal crashes. In Chicago alone, 152 motorcyclists died in crashes. As a result, it is crucial to contact a Chicago motorcycle accident lawyer immediately. You don’t want to delay seeking compensation as you may miss the deadline.

Catastrophic injuries

One of the most catastrophic injuries that can result from a motorcycle accident is paralysis. This can occur due to spinal cord injuries, which can result in muscle weakness, loss of sensation, and even permanent disability. Additionally, severe burns may cause severe scarring and require special medical treatment. In addition to physical damages, motorcycle accidents can cause internal organ damage and even nerve damage. In most cases, these injuries require physical therapy and surgery.

In a motorcycle accident, a motorcyclist may experience a hard landing that can break bones in the hands and arms. Broken ribs, wrists, and elbows are also common. Internal organ damage and internal bleeding may also occur due to blunt force trauma to the chest. In some cases, an injured motorcyclist may die from these injuries. In some cases, however, the severity of injuries will depend on the location of the crash and the severity of the damage.

When a motorcycle accident results in catastrophic injuries, the victims require significant compensation for their medical care and disability. They are often left with permanent disabilities or incapacitating conditions. These injuries can also cause significant income loss. A catastrophic motorcycle accident lawyer can help you pursue compensation for the injuries you suffered. And if the other party doesn’t want to take responsibility for the accident, they may hire a catastrophic injury lawyer to help them with the case.

While helmets are important in motorcycle accidents, they don’t protect you from catastrophic injuries. Head injuries can cause blood to flow through the brain, resulting in a condition called hemorrhage. This condition can leave a person with severe cognitive problems and lifelong pain. When a motorcycle accident causes an ejection, the vehicle’s driver may force the motorcycle to strike the rider’s head.

In addition to compensation for medical bills, motorcycle accident victims can seek punitive damages to punish the party responsible for the motorcycle crash. Punitive damages are much higher than any other type of compensation, and can sometimes total five times the amount of money you are awarded. They depend on the extent of the injuries caused and the recklessness of the at-fault party. The plaintiff must show that the at-fault party was negligent, reckless, or intentionally dangerous in order to obtain this type of compensation.

Brain injury is particularly difficult for a family to deal with. A victim can suffer from severe memory loss, as well as emotional problems that make it difficult to live. A victim’s family may experience a lifetime of pain and grief. It may even be impossible for the victim to return to their previous work and may require extensive rehabilitation to return to normal life. Catastrophic injuries can result in disfigurement and profound emotional impairments.

Compensation for non-catastrophic injuries

Although protective gear helps motorcyclists avoid catastrophic injuries, crashes can still cause devastating trauma. Some people sustain injuries that leave them permanently disabled or even paralyzed. Traumatic injuries to the head, spine, or other major body parts can be particularly serious. Moreover, blunt force trauma to the head can lead to brain damage, which may result in cognitive impairments, memory loss, or chronic pain.

While non-catastrophic injuries may seem less severe, they are still serious enough to require compensation. Some non-catastrophic injuries result in only minor injuries that don’t require long-term medical attention. Common examples of non-catastrophic injuries include bruising, scrapes, rips, lacerations, or abrasions. In such cases, compensation should be paid for medical bills and lost earnings. Catastrophic injuries, on the other hand, are those that require continuous medical treatment and support.

When filing a lawsuit, you must prove the at-fault driver’s negligence. This can be difficult, but you should do everything you can to present evidence to support your case. Typically, it takes two steps: collecting medical records, providing proof that the other driver acted negligently, and engaging in negotiations with the insurance company representative. The first step is obtaining your doctor’s diagnosis, which will be essential in proving the other driver’s negligence.

In addition to medical bills, you may also be eligible to receive compensation for lost wages, physical therapy, and prescription medications. Additionally, if you sustained property damage, you can claim compensation for this. This amount will vary depending on the damage to property, but can be as high as $1 million dollars. These costs are often incurred after a motorcycle accident, but you will need to show evidence to support your claim.

If you have lost income due to the motorcycle accident, you should file a claim for your lost wages. The compensation amount will depend on several factors, including the length of time you were out of work, and your average weekly wage before the accident. You may need to receive compensation for the time you spent working, as a partially or permanently disabled person may not be able to work again in the same capacity.

In addition to physical injuries, you may be entitled to compensation for emotional and mental trauma. Both can affect your overall health and quality of life. Whether or not you are eligible for pain and suffering damages, an attorney can help you pursue the right compensation. And remember that you can even hire an expert witness to vouch for your case. So if you are hurt in a motorcycle accident, you should consider hiring a motorcycle accident attorney immediately.

Besides the economic damages, a motorcycle accident victim can also receive non-economic damages. These non-economic damages may include pain and suffering, loss of wages, and other expenses. Expert witnesses can attest to the amount of damages done to your motorcycle. Your attorney can also help you assess how much money you can expect to receive in compensation. The goal is to recover the maximum amount of compensation for non-catastrophic injuries resulting from the motorcycle accident.