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Choosing a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Chicago

A motorcycle accident is a serious, potentially fatal, type of accident. Compared to car accidents, motorcycle collisions are more likely to cause serious injuries. If you are involved in such a collision, you may be entitled to compensation. In Illinois, there were 3,326 motorcyclist collisions in 2017, and 2,514 of those bikers were injured. Injuries to bikers are highly likely to result in a long-term disability, including paralysis and death. Motorcycle collisions are even more likely to cause catastrophic and fatal injuries to the motorcycle rider. You should seek legal counsel as soon as possible after a motorcycle collision.

Injuries caused by motorcycle accidents

Traumatic brain injury is a serious condition that may lead to paralysis, quadriplegia, and permanent disability. If not treated properly, the effects can have life-altering consequences. While it is impossible to predict the full extent of brain injuries, victims are often required to undergo extensive rehabilitation. Listed below are some of the most common motorcycle accident injuries:

Broken bones: Motorcycles can cause severe injuries to the neck. A motorcycle accident can cause severe neck injuries to the spinal cord. These injuries require high-end equipment to diagnose and treat, and they can be life-threatening. Other injuries that may occur from a motorcycle accident are severe cuts, broken bones, and nerve damage. Additionally, internal organs can suffer significant trauma. In some cases, the motorcycle rider may not even realize they have been hurt until they are too damaged to function.

The most common injuries suffered by motorcyclists in a motorcycle accident are broken bones. As motorcycles are not protected by automobiles, they often collide directly with cars. Often, these collisions cause broken bones to fracture. Internal bleeding is another common injury suffered by motorcycle riders. It can damage organs and alter a person’s life forever. If this happens to you, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident can range from minor bruising to life-threatening. If a rider slides from his motorcycle, it can cause road rash. Other common injuries that result from motorcycle accidents are muscle damage and nerve damage. Motorcycle riders often suffer neck injuries, including whiplash, which may cause temporary paralysis. In the worst cases, a motorcyclist could be permanently paralyzed.

The worst motorcycle accidents can cause damage to soft tissues and entire limbs. A broken foot, for example, can result in the loss of a toe. Broken bones in the foot are also common, especially the metatarsals that connect the toes on top of the foot. Such fractures require weeks of recovery. In some cases, surgery is necessary. If you’ve suffered a motorcycle accident, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Among the most common injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident, spinal cord injury is the most severe. Motorcyclists should pay attention to the surrounding area and stay within the speed limit, as it could cause serious injuries. Furthermore, motorcycle riders should take special care around pedestrians and children. Children are particularly vulnerable to motorcycle accidents. Especially children under the age of nine are at the highest risk of being struck by a motorcycle. Consequently, motorcyclists should exercise extreme caution when near children.

Approximately 80% of all motorcycle accidents result in an injury. Over half of them occur at intersections, where drivers are distracted or don’t see the motorcycle and fail to see it. More than half of motorcycle accidents are caused by excessive speeding. Another 40% of single vehicle motorcycle fatalities involve a turn. Injuries from motorcycle accidents are often classified into soft and hard injuries. The hard injuries are those that require medical treatment.

Steps to take after a motorcycle accident

If you are in a motorcycle accident, there are many steps you can take to ensure you receive proper medical attention and recover from your injuries. If you have suffered from any injuries, call 911 for medical attention and ask other drivers to block traffic so they can give you the space you need to rest. Also, be sure to take the time to fill out a police report after the accident. In most cases, insurance companies will challenge your claim for compensation if you fail to follow these steps.

In most cases, you will need to contact the insurance company for the driver of the vehicle you were riding. You can also contact your own motorcycle insurance company. When you are speaking to the insurance company, it is important to make sure you are honest and avoid saying anything that will hurt your case. Moreover, you can take pictures of the accident scene and obtain testimonials from eyewitnesses. The sooner you get to this stage, the faster your claim will be processed.

Call 911 immediately after a motorcycle accident. Adrenaline and panic are often present during the initial hours after an accident, so it is crucial to be able to communicate with emergency responders as soon as possible. Remember, it is vital to seek medical treatment and never refuse it. Motorcycle accidents can result in serious injuries, so don’t be shy about asking for pain medication and being evaluated by a doctor right away.

Take photos or video of the accident scene. Pictures can be helpful in the case of a lawsuit and in determining who is at fault. If you have an insurance company, obtaining pictures or video footage will help you make your case in court. Also, make sure to get a copy of the medical records. X-rays and CAT scans are two excellent sources of evidence. Also, make sure to document any medical costs incurred in the aftermath of the accident.

If the accident is not your fault, contact your insurance provider to request an investigation. They will let you know what to do next. In the meantime, you should gather evidence to support your lawsuit. In addition, you should collect medical records and accident reports. Also, keep track of any expenses related to the motorcycle accident. Do not forget to hire a motorcycle accident attorney if necessary. When dealing with insurance companies, you should be cooperative with your motorcycle accident attorney and gather evidence to support your claim.

Report any personal injuries or symptoms that you might have suffered in a motorcycle accident immediately. Even minor injuries can result in chronic pain, permanent damage, and even disability if not treated. Hence, it is essential to seek immediate medical treatment after a motorcycle accident. A timely diagnosis can help speed up the healing process. This article will help you to understand the steps you should take after a motorcycle accident. Once you’ve contacted the authorities, take the necessary steps to ensure your safety.

Choosing a motorcycle accident lawyer

When choosing a motorcycle accident lawyer in Chicago, experience counts. The Law Office of Daniel E. Goodman has been practicing personal injury law for over 60 years, and its attorneys have handled countless cases like yours. The firm offers free consultations and has achieved numerous favorable results for its clients. The testimonials from real clients are another important consideration when choosing an attorney. In addition, it is essential to consider a lawyer’s reputation in the community and his/her past results.

In addition to having extensive experience handling motorcycle accident cases, your lawyer will also know the latest medical and legal advances. The most recent statistics reveal that 35% of motorcycle accident cases result in “A-type” injuries, which are those that prevent you from performing basic activities. The good news is that nine out of 10 cases settle before going to trial. This is because insurance companies are generally not eager to go to trial because they know that if the case goes to trial, they will not get what they’re worth. As a result, a representative of the at-fault driver’s insurance company will attempt to settle the case at a lower amount than what it’s worth. In addition, they are banking on the victim accepting the first settlement offer offered by the insurance representative.

When choosing a motorcycle accident lawyer in Chicago, you should contact an attorney immediately after an accident. An attorney can help account for details that could be lost after an accident. Further, an attorney can investigate the accident scene and preserve physical evidence. This is important because physical evidence can disappear if it is not preserved as soon as possible. This is why it is essential to choose a lawyer who understands the challenges faced by motorcycle riders.

In addition to compensation for your own injuries, you may also be able to claim for damages for the death of a loved one. This compensation can provide some peace of mind for you, and help you overcome the financial burden that you face in the aftermath of a motorcycle accident. It can also help you recover funeral and burial expenses, as well as the loss of companionship and benefits. If you are at fault, the at-fault driver has a duty to have adequate insurance, and this coverage can help you claim for underinsured or uninsured compensation for your loss.

Your lawyer should have experience working with bikers to maximize your recovery. An experienced motorcycle accident attorney will be able to examine your medical records and fight for the maximum compensation you deserve. A Chicago motorcycle accident attorney is well-equipped to guide you through the challenging road ahead, while ensuring you receive the maximum compensation you deserve. You should also seek medical treatment immediately after an accident to avoid compromising your rights. A biker’s medical bills should not be paid out of personal funds. A Chicago motorcycle accident lawyer will help you recover from the injuries.