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Columbus Truck Accident Lawyer

If you are in need of a Columbus truck accident attorney, you should consult Wolske & Associates. This Columbus law firm manages the discovery process after serious accidents. They study the circumstances surrounding each incident, presenting a realistic assessment of the likelihood of litigation outcomes. They also act as liaisons and negotiate with the negligent party. This article is not intended to be a comprehensive review of each law firm. In fact, it is intended only as an introduction to each firm’s capabilities.

Colley Shroyer & Abraham Attorney at Law

The Columbus, OH attorneys at Colley Shroyer & Abraham Co, LPA have earned national and statewide recognition for their work. They are authors of legal textbooks and are often invited to speak at conferences. They focus on personal injury cases, with particular expertise in traumatic brain injuries and premises liability cases. These attorneys have a long history of helping people get the compensation they deserve after being injured.

Yacobozzi Drakatos LLC

If you have been involved in a truck accident, you should consider contacting an attorney from Yacobozzi Drakatos, LLC. This husband and wife law firm specializes in personal injury cases. Eleni A. Drakatos holds degrees in Neuroscience and Psychology, and she will fight for you to receive the compensation you deserve. She will also work with experts outside the firm if needed.

Many truck drivers try to shift the blame and avoid responsibility for their actions, but a Columbus truck accident attorney can challenge this with physical, documentary, and electronic evidence to prove the case. In addition, an attorney can also use witness testimony to prove the case. It is easy to think that the only way to get compensation is to file a lawsuit. However, you can get an out-of-court settlement and avoid the court system all together.

Plevin & Gallucci

The attorneys of Plevin & Gallucci are among the most well-known in the state of Ohio. They have won countless awards for their success and compassion for their clients. Their lawyers have been recognized by the community and state legislature for their work, and they are frequently quoted in newspapers, television, and radio. Read some of their many client testimonials. Contact them today to get started on your case.

The firm has a long history of representing clients in personal injury cases, focusing on personal injury claims. The founders, Frank L. Gallucci, Jr., formally joined the firm as an attorney and renamed it Plevin & Gallucci. During this time, Gallucci and Plevin had been part-time employees of the Gust Gallucci Co. import store. Gallucci’s practice focused on personal injury claims and work-related accidents.

It’s imperative that truck drivers carry auto insurance, as well as the necessary paperwork. A truck accident lawyer will carefully investigate the responsible parties and make sure you receive the maximum compensation for your injury. Many times, multiple parties contribute to your injuries, so your lawyer will need to investigate all parties involved. If more than one party was at fault, your truck accident attorney can pursue additional compensation from the other. If multiple parties were negligent, your truck accident lawyer will investigate and file a claim for damages on your behalf.

The Columbus truck accident attorney at Plevin & Gallucci can help you determine the extent of your injury and fight for your compensation. You can contact them by calling 1-855-4-PLEVIN or filling out our free consultation form. They can help you file a claim for injuries you have sustained in an accident, including those caused by the truck. And, because they have experience handling cases of all kinds, they can help you receive the maximum compensation for your pain and suffering.

The attorneys at Plevin & Gallucci are recognized for their achievements in the field of trial law. Several members of this firm have been named to the Council of Presidents of the American Association for Justice. In addition, Frank L. Gallucci III was recently elected President of the Ohio Association for Justice, the youngest ever to hold this position. These award-winning lawyers have been a part of a number of national and local trials.

Pencheff & Fraley Co., L.P.A.

If you are looking for a law firm that specializes in personal injury and automobile accidents, then Pencheff & Fraley Co, LPA might be the firm for you. These attorneys are licensed to practice law in the state of Ohio and offer various legal services to their clients. They are based in Cleveland, Ohio. They have a number of positive and negative reviews that can be read on the firm’s website. They are located at 2311 Village Park Ct, which is in the 44906 zip code.

The firm focuses on personal injury, social security matters, and worker’s compensation cases. Their lawyers have helped countless individuals recover millions of dollars in settlements. They are led by Joseph Fraley, who joined the firm after completing law school. He has 20 years of experience fighting for clients. This experience has helped them build a successful practice. It is important to understand the legal process before you retain the services of an attorney.