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Dallas Car Accident Lawyer

In Dallas, Texas, serious car accidents occur daily. These accidents often result in catastrophic injuries and even fatalities. If you or a loved one has suffered in a car accident, you may want to contact a Dallas car accident lawyer to seek compensation. You can learn more about the legal process from the following article. Choosing the best Dallas car accident lawyer is essential to your recovery. Here are some factors to consider before making your final decision.


The experience of a Dallas car accident lawyer can make all the difference when pursuing a compensation claim. In recent years, auto accident victims have recovered higher settlement amounts than those who represent themselves. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, there were 36,862 traffic accidents in Dallas in 2019. As of December 2018, there were 55,346 such accidents throughout Dallas County. In 2012 alone, 133 accidents occurred on Beltline Road between North Dallas Tollway and Skillman Street. Additionally, 105 accidents occurred on Northwest Highway at Walton Walker Blvd.

An experienced Dallas car accident lawyer will know how to structure a claim so that it gets the best possible result. In Texas, modified comparative fault law applies. As such, you cannot recover if you are more than 50% at fault. If you’re more than 50% at fault, your claim may be denied. This is why you need to hire a Dallas car accident lawyer who understands Texas law and the intricacies of such cases.

An experienced Dallas car accident lawyer will be able to determine the extent of damage your case will bring. It’s impossible to determine who was at fault in the accident without an experienced lawyer. Fortunately, there are Dallas car accident lawyers who are dedicated to helping victims recover compensation. An experienced attorney can help you get back on your feet after a traumatic experience. You deserve to be compensated for your medical bills and other losses caused by the accident.

An experienced Dallas car accident lawyer will have experience dealing with insurance companies. They know how to negotiate with these companies and get the best compensation possible. While insurance companies have the best interests of their policyholders, they also prioritize the needs of their clients. An experienced Dallas car accident lawyer can work with insurance companies to minimize the stress on the injured party and get them the compensation they deserve. They can also help you document your costs and file your claim quickly and easily.


You may be wondering why you should hire a Dallas car accident lawyer to handle your case. Many car accidents are simple and straight-forward, but some may involve fault and cause a great deal of uncertainty. Some car crashes end in horrific accidents that result in a terrible loss of life or financial damage. To avoid having to face such a situation, it is in your best interest to retain a Dallas car accident lawyer.

Injured in a car accident? You need the help of an experienced attorney who can focus on your case. Your first priority should be your recovery. It is best not to deal with the insurance company yourself because you may make mistakes and miss out on compensation. Moreover, high emotions make it difficult to negotiate effectively and overlook details. To protect your rights, hire a Dallas car accident lawyer who can take care of everything for you.

The most important step after a car wreck is to hire a personal injury lawyer. Hiring a Dallas car accident lawyer is the most effective way to protect yourself. It is your lawyer’s obligation to fight for your best interests, and a personal injury attorney can help you recover money for your injuries. In contrast, you may feel tempted to negotiate the settlement directly with the insurance company. However, insurance companies are only interested in making their own money, not yours.

If you need to seek full compensation, it is important to consult a Dallas car accident lawyer as soon as possible. It is important to contact a Dallas car accident lawyer as soon as possible after the accident, since waiting until your injuries have healed may mean losing or destroying evidence. Further, insurers will question the extent of your injuries. So, the sooner you seek the assistance of a Dallas car accident lawyer, the better your chances of receiving the compensation you deserve.


Hiring a Dallas car accident attorney is a wise decision if you’ve been injured in a car crash. Although the fees of such a lawyer might be hefty, he or she will only charge you if they win your case. The initial consultation is free, and the lawyer will advise you of the best course of action. Also, you don’t need to worry about the at-fault party’s insurance paying for your damages.

In Texas, you have six months to file a lawsuit after an accident. Some municipalities have shorter deadlines. Texas law limits claim amounts to $300,000 per occurrence of bodily injury and $100,000 per person involved. It’s critical that you contact a Dallas car accident lawyer right away if you think you might be eligible for compensation. While a lawsuit may seem like an overly-complicated task, it’s vital to preserve evidence, and it’s also vital to get the best medical treatment possible.

A good Dallas car accident lawyer will document everything. Regardless of how you were injured, the accident scene may contain evidence that will be critical to your case. You’ll also need to file a police report and document all evidence yourself. The Dallas police department has a link for filing a police report. You can find these at your local police department. It’s worth your time to fill out the report.

An auto insurance adjuster is skilled at saving money, and they will ask you about your injuries and damages after an accident. You may not be aware of how badly you’ve been hurt until later, and the insurance company would use this to deny your claim. If you’ve suffered severe injuries or the accident is serious, it’s crucial to contact a Dallas car accident lawyer to protect your rights. Your rights and your finances depend on it.

Scope of practice

An experienced Dallas car accident attorney can help you pursue maximum monetary compensation. These lawyers are well-versed in the legal language and can deal with high-level psychological games. If you have been injured in a traffic accident, it is crucial that you seek immediate medical attention and hire a car accident lawyer to help you with your case. This article will explain the scope of practice of a Dallas car accident attorney.

Limited-scope representation is another option that is available. Although limited-scope representation can benefit some clients, it’s not the right fit for everyone. A typical attorney’s practice includes handling every legal matter from beginning to end. While limited-scope representation can save you money, it gives you a say in the case’s details. A limited-scope Dallas car accident attorney is a smart option for many clients.

Requirements for hiring

While you may be entitled to compensation after a car accident, the statute of limitations limits how long you can pursue your claim. The two-year limitation period applies to car accidents in Texas, but the statute of limitations may be extended for limited circumstances. It is vital to contact a Dallas car accident lawyer as soon as possible if you suspect you may have a claim. Even if you don’t plan to file a lawsuit, you should talk to a Dallas car accident lawyer to determine if you have legal rights.

The laws surrounding a car accident claim can be complex and difficult to navigate. Many victims of car accidents don’t even know where to begin. The insurance company will likely try to deny their claims, and they may be in no position to pursue a case on their own. Hiring a Dallas car accident lawyer will help you get justice from the insurance company. The process of pursuing a legal claim can be difficult and confusing, but it can help you recover compensation for your injuries.

Before contacting a Dallas car accident lawyer, you should gather all of the relevant information regarding the accident. Get the names and contact information of all parties involved in the accident. Gather the make, model, and color of each vehicle. Also, ask if any of the drivers have insurance. If the other driver was uninsured, their insurance company may be able to cover your damages and your medical bills.

In addition to obtaining the compensation you deserve, you should get justice for your injuries. The legal process can be complicated and can require a lengthy recovery time. You should hire a Dallas car accident lawyer with the necessary experience and resources to handle your case. The Benton Law Firm has extensive experience litigating cases in Texas courts and is adept at negotiating with insurance companies. They aggressively advocate for their clients in court and will prepare necessary documents.