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El Paso Accident Attorneys

Many people may ask themselves whether they need to hire an El Paso accident attorney after an auto accident. Many people do not think that their injuries are severe enough to warrant hiring a lawyer and may not even realize the costs associated with hiring a lawyer. Carbin Shaw, an El Paso accident attorney, believes that every accident victim deserves the services of a qualified attorney. If you or a loved one has recently been involved in an accident, it is time to get in touch with an experienced attorney and learn about your rights.

Car accident lawyers in El Paso

If you’re involved in a car accident, you may be able to receive compensation for the injuries that you’ve sustained. El Paso car accident attorneys can help you understand your legal options and determine what documentation you need to support your case. They will also know the legal implications of changing local laws. These professionals are highly regarded in the legal community and have achieved significant professional accolades. Here are a few things to keep in mind before you hire one.

Punitive damages are typically not awarded in personal injury cases. Punitive damages are intended to punish reckless or intentional conduct. In some circumstances, however, punitive damages are warranted. If the negligent driver had a habit of driving under the influence of alcohol, this might be a good candidate for punitive damages. If this is the case, you’ll need an experienced El Paso car accident lawyer to help you determine whether or not you can receive punitive damages.

Although broken bones and other physical injuries are common, there are also injuries that may not be visible at first. In serious cases, surgery may be necessary to repair the damage. Further, internal injuries, particularly those affecting the brain or spine, can be life-threatening. Even if a broken bone or internal damage is not apparent, you should seek immediate medical attention. Your El Paso car accident lawyer will need all of the details surrounding your accident and the injuries that you suffered.

Finding a good lawyer

Car accidents in El Paso are not uncommon. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, more than twenty-six thousand people are injured or killed in traffic accidents every year. In addition, distracted driving is a leading cause of car accidents in El Paso. Distracted driving can be anything from cell phone use to talking with passengers. It could also be from driving too long. In addition to distracted driving, fatigued drivers may be behind the wheel. And vehicle malfunctions and faulty parts may cause accidents that are not the fault of the driver.

Before filing a lawsuit, the injured person must first visit a medical professional. PTSD, depression, phobias, and substance abuse can result from serious car accidents. While contacting an insurance agent, it is best not to discuss the accident with the other party’s insurance company. Instead, contact a good El Paso accident lawyer and get all the facts straight. If you are unable to contact an attorney, you can contact Helping the Hurt Personal Injury Lawyers for free consultation.

Once you know who is at fault, you can hire a personal injury lawyer to help you file a lawsuit. Personal injury lawyers handle virtually every aspect of legal action, from filing a lawsuit to collecting evidence. They help injured people with all types of insurance, including those without insurance. They also represent individuals who are not insured and have little or no assets. They can help victims pursue justice in court. You can read reviews about the attorneys on or read about their bios to see if they have any recommendations.

Comparative fault rule in Texas

The Texas comparative fault rule is a twisted version of the standard that other states have adopted. Under Texas’s modified comparative fault rule, you can only recover damages if you were 50 percent or less at fault in the accident. This means that you could be responsible for half of the accident’s damages, and you’ll be eligible to receive just a fraction of the full damages award. To help you understand the rules better, we’ve put together a guide for Texas drivers.

In a typical accident case, a jury will determine who is at fault. Under a pure contributory negligence system, the plaintiff would be able to collect damages even if she was 99% at fault. Each percentage of fault reduces the amount of the award the plaintiff can receive. However, the modified comparative fault rule in Texas allows a plaintiff to collect damages only if she is at least fifty percent at fault.

In Texas, a plaintiff may receive compensation if she was 50 percent at fault in causing the accident. If the plaintiff’s fault is more than 50%, the jury may reduce the amount awarded to them. In a case where a pedestrian had a flashing red light while crossing a street, a driver might feel that each of them is equally responsible for the accident. If both sides share the blame equally, however, a plaintiff will not be awarded any damages unless she is more than fifty percent at fault.

Getting a free evaluation

Auto accidents are a frequent occurrence in El Paso. While some of these are minor and require very little insurance, others can cause serious injuries or even death. In these cases, you can seek compensation for your losses and pain and suffering from the other driver’s insurance company. A highly qualified car accident attorney can help you understand your rights and how best to proceed with your claim. Here are some of the benefits of hiring an attorney.

If you have been injured in an accident, you should contact a car accident attorney immediately. Insurance companies are skilled at taking advantage of people who have been injured. An attorney will be able to present evidence that shows the other driver was negligent and how much the victim suffered. An attorney can also negotiate a fair settlement. It’s important to know what your options are and how much you’ll have to pay.

If you’ve been injured in an accident, it’s important to get a free evaluation from an El Paso car accident attorney. These professionals will assess your case and determine what steps you should take to get the maximum compensation. You should know that most auto insurance companies won’t pay up until they have been able to find the person responsible for the accident. An experienced El Paso accident attorney will thoroughly investigate the accident to determine the cause and the extent of damages that you may be entitled to. The lawyer may require an accident reconstruction expert to analyze the accident evidence.

Requirements for filing a claim

Car accidents are a common and terrible part of life, but you don’t have to be a victim to file a claim. In fact, many crashes are preventable. In Texas alone, more than 18,800 crashes were reported in 2017. Of these, more than 2,000 involved injuries, and 55 were fatal. Regardless of who caused the accident, the negligent driver should be held responsible for their actions. Accidents occur when drivers violate the rules of the road and fail to follow them.

A car crash attorney in El Paso can help you file a claim for compensation for your damages. First, you must prove that the negligent driver violated their duty of care. Whether the driver was texting, drinking, or driving under the influence, reckless driving can affect the amount of compensation you can get. A lawyer can help you prove this by gathering the evidence you need. In some cases, eyewitness testimony, photographic evidence, and event data recorder information will help you establish negligence or recklessness.

You should also understand that in Texas, auto accidents have strict time limits. If you do not file your claim within this time, you may lose the right to receive compensation. The time limit is two years in Texas for auto accidents and four years for personal injury claims. You must file your claim before the time limit expires. If you fail to do this, your claim may be dismissed without a proper resolution.

Cost of hiring a lawyer

Hiring a personal injury lawyer may seem like an unnecessary expense. Unfortunately, accidents can cause devastating effects. Many victims end up with massive hospital bills and chronic injuries. Without the help of a personal injury attorney, they may be pressured into accepting a settlement that is far less than their case is worth. It is important to understand the benefits of hiring a personal injury lawyer in El Paso before you decide whether to retain their services.

Choosing an experienced car accident attorney is important if you want to maximize the value of your claim. Car accidents can seriously impact your life and can often be preventable. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, there were 256,338 injuries and 3,610 fatalities in 2018. In many cases, the victims suffer far more than the drivers involved. An El Paso accident attorney will know exactly how much your claim is worth and will aggressively advocate for you through the entire legal process.

An experienced car accident attorney will collect all necessary official documents and verify important facts. After gathering this information, your attorney will file a demand letter with the insurance company outlining the details of the accident and the amount of compensation you seek. These letters will be sent to the insurance company, and you can expect them to respond in a timely manner. In some cases, your lawyer may even use a private investigator to investigate the accident for you.