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Fort Worth Truck Accident Lawyer

When a truck accident occurs, it can leave you in need of the services of a Fort Worth truck accident attorney. These lawyers are well-versed in the area of trucking accidents, and they are well-positioned to represent victims in insurance disputes. They can determine the value of property damaged in the accident, the injuries sustained, and other types of monetary relief. They will be able to determine which amount of money they are owed for a truck accident, and seek monetary relief on your behalf.

Xavier A. Gonzalez

Xavier A. Gonzalez is a Fort Worth truck accident lawyer whose firm represents the rights of people injured in accidents involving commercial trucks. He handles accidents involving major trucking companies, multiple rock hauling companies, and other transport businesses. His firm helps clients recover damages for their injuries and losses. Xavier A. Gonzalez obtained his law degree from Texas Wesleyan School of Law in 1998.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident, you should consult a qualified attorney as soon as possible. Even if you were able to walk away without any injuries, the wrongful death of a loved one is a serious matter that warrants a wrongful death lawsuit. In such cases, Xavier A. Gonzalez, a Fort Worth truck accident lawyer, will aggressively fight for your rights.

In a case similar to Gonzalez’s, an injured person may be entitled to compensation for his or her injuries. Gonzalez’s law firm is committed to maximizing compensation for victims and their families. His legal team also represents clients in criminal defense matters. In addition to Texas, Xavier is licensed to practice law in Illinois and Missouri. If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident, contact a Fort Worth truck accident attorney today.

Jason Stephens

If you have been involved in a truck accident, you may be entitled to compensation from the negligent parties. However, you will need a skilled Fort Worth truck accident lawyer to fight for you. Jason Stephens, a Fort Worth personal injury attorney, will dig deep to determine the cause of your accident. The exact cause of your accident is crucial in obtaining full compensation. Read on to learn more about how Jason Stephens can help you.

Large trucks are incredibly devastating when involved in a traffic accident in Fort Worth. These trucks weigh up to nine tons and cannot stop on a dime. They are also difficult to navigate, and the consequences for other drivers tend to be severe. It is vital that you seek legal representation from a truck accident attorney as soon as possible. You should call a Fort Worth truck accident attorney as soon as possible. Jason Stephens, Fort Worth truck accident lawyer, has been handling personal injury cases for years.

A personal injury lawyer can help you secure compensation if the insurance company denies your claim. These attorneys have access to accident experts and a team of attorneys. Jason Stephens, Fort Worth truck accident lawyer, will leverage the firm’s resources and connections to help you fight for your rights. Jason Stephens has built relationships with leading accident experts throughout Texas and can rely on them for expert testimony that can lead to a substantial compensation award.

Law Office of Xavier A. Gonzalez

Xavier A. Gonzalez, Fort Worth truck accident lawyer, has over 20 years of experience in personal injury law. He founded his firm, The Law Office of Xavier A. Gonzalez, in 1998 and provides legal consultations throughout Texas. After graduating from Texas Wesleyan School of Law, he has extensive knowledge of the Texas trucking industry and has been helping injury victims for more than 20 years.

In Texas, truck wrecks are common. Long-haul truckers are notorious for their long hours behind the wheel, so they often experience collisions in the course of their workday. As a result, truck accident victims must hire a dedicated, knowledgeable truck accident lawyer to protect their rights. The Law Office of Xavier A. Gonzalez, Fort Worth truck accident lawyer, can help you recover the compensation you deserve.

If you or someone you know has suffered a serious injury due to another’s negligence, contact the Law Office of Xavier A. Gonzalez, Fort Worth truck accident attorney, for a free consultation. He has been representing injured individuals and families since 1991. His experience includes complex litigations with local governments and states, large trucking companies, and big defense firms. Xavier Dawson’s commitment to clients and his aggressive advocacy has helped clients win millions of dollars in personal injury lawsuits.

Hart Law Firm, P.C.

David G. Hart is a founding attorney of The Hart Law Firm, P.C. He represents clients in Dallas, Arlington, and Fort Worth, Texas. He specializes in personal injury law and has experience representing clients in all types of accidents. The firm’s lawyers have achieved top rankings in Martindale-Hubbell and other peer-review rating services. Read client reviews and learn about the firm’s experience.

CaraMia R. Hart has extensive trial experience in medical malpractice and personal injury law. She successfully represented plaintiffs in court against some of the most sophisticated plaintiffs’ lawyers in the nation. Prior to this practice, Ms. Hart prosecuted a broad range of crimes in Manhattan. She also managed caseloads in the district attorney’s office, where she successfully litigated numerous cases to verdict. Despite the challenges associated with this work, Ms. Hart believes that she is uniquely qualified to help injured patients.

MacLean Law Firm, P.C.

MacLean Law Firm, P.C., is a Fort Worth personal injury law firm that provides practical solutions for estate planning, asset protection, and related wealth planning issues. The firm’s attorneys have over 25 years of experience and are committed to advancing the goals of fiduciaries and beneficiaries. You can trust them to aggressively represent your interests. Learn more about their services below. Read reviews and leave your own to rate MacLean Law Firm, P.C.

Ms. MacLean earned her J.D. from Columbia Law School in 2007, where she served as a Managing Editor of the Columbia Law Review. She received her undergraduate degree in French from Dartmouth College in 2004. She is admitted to practice in New York State, the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York, and the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals. To get started, contact the firm to discuss your case.

Witherite Law Group

If you are the victim of an accident and were injured, you can get the legal help you need from an experienced attorney at Witherite Law Group. A truck accident is one of the most common causes of personal injury. The impact of such a crash can change your life forever. Even minor injuries can have a significant impact on your daily life. Witherite Law Group is committed to helping you get the compensation you need for your injuries. Contact us today by calling 1-800-TruckWreck or 800-CarWreck to schedule a consultation.

John Witherite joined the firm in 2015. He has extensive trial experience and represents injured parties. Adewale is a member of the American Board of Trial Advocates and the Texas Trial Lawyers Association. He has been named a Super Lawyers Rising Star two times by Thomson Reuters. While based in Atlanta, Forrest will maintain his law licenses in Texas and Georgia. A truck accident attorney cannot be too experienced.

Amy Witherite is a native of Fort Worth. Her college years included a scholarship from a top-ranked women’s swimming program. After graduating from Texas Tech, she obtained her law degree. She began working in one of the oldest law firms in Texas in 1993, and two years later, she relocated to a firm that focused on insurance defense. Through this experience, she gained a strong understanding of how insurance companies defend their clients.

Thomas Legal

Choosing a Fort Worth truck accident lawyer can make all the difference in the outcome of your case. Although it can be difficult to determine the amount of money you can claim, a qualified attorney can help you make the most informed decision regarding the compensation you should be awarded. Although the process can be stressful, a professional can help you make the process as painless and stress-free as possible. You can rest assured that the attorneys at Thomas Legal for Fort Worth truck accident attorneys are here to help you.

Another Fort Worth truck accident lawyer is Tyler Thomas, a partner at Thomas Legal. Tyler Thomas focuses exclusively on personal injury cases, including truck accidents. He handles catastrophic injuries, wrongful death, property damage, disability cases, and automobile collisions. Additionally, he handles a variety of cases that involve product liability and consumer class action lawsuits. Tyler Thomas has a history of success, with over $3 million in settlements and trial verdicts.

Jason Stephens understands the importance of financial recovery after an accident. Whether you were at fault for the crash or another driver’s negligence, he is dedicated to maximizing your compensation. He will bring in experts who can analyze the evidence and help build a solid case for damages. This way, he will know how to determine the true value of your case. Most trucking companies and truck drivers will try to deflect responsibility for their actions by blaming the victim for their own mistake.