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Indianapolis Auto Accident Attorney

You are looking for a reliable Indianapolis auto accident attorney for a number of reasons. Fortunately, Indiana law has been crafted to provide you with the legal protection you need. Here, we’ll take a look at some of the different types of legal services offered by various Indianapolis law firms. Listed below are some of the top Indianapolis attorneys that provide excellent client service. Depending on your situation, you may want to consult a car accident attorney who specializes in the type of accident you’ve been involved in.

Craig Kelley

In 1999, three attorneys founded Craig, Kelley & Faultless LLC, a law firm dedicated to representing personal injury victims in Indiana. Their goal is to help injured individuals obtain the compensation they deserve. The law firm practices in a wide range of areas, including auto accidents, premises liability, dog bites, wrongful death, traumatic brain injury, and more. Since then, they have grown to include additional attorneys and support staff. They all have decades of combined experience, and they are committed to providing prompt and reliable services to injured clients. They also live in the same community, so they know each other well.

The law firm of Craig, Kelly & Faultless LLC is located at 5845 Lawton Loop E Dr. in Indianapolis, Indiana. The firm has been in business for over thirty years, and has helped countless people recover compensation. Craig and Kelly, along with Scott Faultless, have extensive experience in personal injury cases. Both have earned their J.D.’s from the Indiana University School of Law and are members of the prestigious “Super Lawyers” list.

The firm is a multidisciplinary practice with four offices throughout Indiana and Illinois. Their lawyers represent victims of aggressive and negligent drivers, including pedestrians and other drivers, as well as passengers. The attorneys speak both English and Spanish and have more than 140 years of combined experience. They also pay for hospital visits and refuse to accept fees until their clients receive compensation. It’s not uncommon for clients to seek compensation for their injuries. These claims are complex and require a skilled, experienced attorney.

Faultless LLC

Craig, Kelley & Faultless LLC was founded in 1999 by three attorneys committed to protecting the rights of personal injury victims throughout Indiana. Their firm is heavily involved in the community and views it as a civic duty to protect the rights of those who have suffered personal injury. To help people in this state, they handle cases ranging from truck accidents to personal injuries to fatalities. They are also adept at appealing cases.

The law firm of Craig, Kelley, and Faultless LLC – Indianapolis is located at 5845 Lawton Loop E Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46216. The firm is open Monday-Friday, 8 AM to 6 PM. They are closed on weekends and holidays. To find out more about this firm, you should read client testimonials and read other clients’ opinions. Make sure to ask about the experience and success rates of their attorneys to ensure they are qualified to handle your case.

If you have been injured in a car accident, you may have a case against the driver. If you believe that the other driver was at fault, you can file a claim to recover the financial compensation you deserve. Whether you are a passenger or a driver, a car accident can be very stressful. A good auto accident attorney can help you get the justice you deserve. If you have a personal injury claim, Faultless LLC can help.

An attorney at Faultless LLC can help you pursue an injury compensation claim for pain and suffering caused by another party’s negligence. Oftentimes, an injury can affect an individual’s ability to work. Compensation is required for lost wages while recovering from an accident. Compensation is also available for future lost wages due to permanent disabilities. An attorney will help you quantify the damages you have suffered, and can work to maximize your compensation.

Rowe and Hamilton

To find an Indianapolis auto accident attorney who specializes in car accidents, search for a law firm online. The Indiana Bar Association maintains an online directory that lists members who are currently in good standing and licensed to practice law in the state. A search for the name Rowe and Hamilton will bring up numerous attorneys in Indianapolis. To ensure that you choose a lawyer with a strong reputation in the field, ask previous clients how they felt about their representation.

Timothy A. Rowe is an experienced lawyer who has been practicing for over 38 years. He graduated from the Indiana University School of Law and the College of Emporia with honors in classics and history. He is a partner at Rowe and Hamilton since 1984 and concentrates his practice in civil litigation. His experience includes personal injury, wrongful death, trucking and motorcycle accidents, dog bites, and more.

As a member of the Marion County Bar Association and the Indiana Supreme Court, Mr. Hamilton actively gives back to the community. He has been a Precinct Chairman in Pike Township and has been a member of the Federal Judicial Nominating Committee, where he interviewed judicial candidates and received honors in 2012. He has been an AAU coach for several elite travel AAU teams, including teams that won multiple state and national championships.

Afterward, it’s important to remain calm and collect evidence to support your case. Your calmness will also help you document the accident, which will make it easier to navigate the legal process. Make a checklist of actions to take immediately after a car accident in Indianapolis. Call 911 for any emergency services, such as ambulance. Afterward, you should contact the police. A police report is crucial as proof of the accident and can be submitted to insurance companies.

Yosha Law

If you have been in a car accident and have suffered severe injuries, you should contact a knowledgeable Indiana auto accident attorney. At Yosha Law, we understand how traumatizing an accident can be. We strive to help accident victims get the compensation they deserve by aggressively pursuing their cases. We never rush our clients to agree to a settlement that will not adequately compensate their suffering. We are proud to represent injury victims and have served the Indianapolis area since 1963.

When you hire an Indianapolis auto accident attorney, you’re hiring a professional who will treat you like family. Attorneys Buddy Yosha and Brandon Yosha will treat you with compassion and respect. While the vast majority of personal injury cases settle before trial, it’s important to find a lawyer who has trial experience and is willing to fight for your rights in court. This is especially important if the case doesn’t settle.

An Indianapolis auto accident attorney with years of experience can fight aggressively for you. At Faultless LLC, they work to ensure that accident victims get fair compensation and can afford medical treatment. They handle claims for pedestrians and drivers. They conduct investigations and negotiate with insurance companies. Charles D. Hankey is a member of the American Association for Justice and the American Society of Legal Advocates. If the insurance company won’t agree to a settlement, they will take the case to trial.

Car accidents are traumatic events for victims and their families. While minor injuries may require only a single trip to the emergency room, severe harms can require life-long medical care. Your Indiana car accident attorney can help you collect the full amount of compensation you deserve. Your Indianapolis auto accident attorney can help you gather vital evidence to support your case. The best way to do this is to contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

Rowe & Hamilton

If you are planning on hiring an Indianapolis auto accident attorney, you may have several questions. One of them is if they have any promotional videos on their website. If you are interested in this, you may want to check out Rowe & Hamilton’s website. They have no such videos, but they have a comprehensive library of legal videos. If you are unsure whether you want to hire them, you can ask other clients what they thought of them.

Rowe & Hamilton, Indianapolis auto accident attorneys, have a strong reputation in the legal community. Their attorneys are well versed in auto accident laws and can aggressively represent your interests. They provide free initial consultations for their clients. In addition, the law firm offers a no-obligation evaluation of your case. Once you choose the Rowe & Hamilton, Indianapolis auto accident attorney, you can rest assured that your case is in good hands.

Once the accident has taken place, you should stay calm and make sure to document the accident properly. This will make the legal process go smoothly. If you or someone you know was injured in the accident, call 911 for an ambulance. It is also important to contact the police and fill out a police report. This information can be submitted to the insurance company. It is important to be calm during this process because it can be very difficult to follow proper protocol when you are not familiar with the protocols.