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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer San Jose

If you were involved in a motorcycle accident and suffered injuries, you should consider hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer in San Jose. An attorney can help you negotiate a fair settlement for your case. A motorcycle accident lawyer will have the knowledge to determine how much money is worth to the other party and how much compensation they deserve. Read on to learn more. Here are the most common injuries caused by motorcycle accidents and how you can receive compensation.

Getting a motorcycle accident lawyer in San Jose

There are many reasons to hire a motorcycle accident attorney in San Jose. First and foremost, they are able to evaluate the damages caused by the accident. This can include expensive medical expenses and lost income. In addition, they can calculate the amount of compensation you will receive for the damages you suffered in the collision. The amount of compensation you can receive varies depending on your situation and the severity of the impact. Some motorcycle accident victims may only qualify for monetary damages while others may be awarded more in general and non-economic damages.

The attorneys at Suits Litigation, Inc. have extensive experience in representing the rights of motorcycle accident victims in the San Jose area. Their lawyers are experienced and highly determined. Jimin Oh, the firm’s founder, is an avid motorcycle rider and has over 30 years of combined experience in pursuing motorcycle accident cases. He speaks Spanish, Vietnamese, and Korean. The law firm is also proud to have an attorney with the National Trial Lawyers Top 40 Under 40.

A motorcycle accident lawyer in San Jose is vital if you are injured in a crash. Even if you are not the one at fault in the accident, insurance adjusters will attempt to minimize the value of your claim. You do not need to pay for an initial consultation if you have questions. You can talk to them about your case at no cost and have them explain the legal process to you. A motorcycle accident attorney can provide you with free advice and representation.

Hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer in San Jose will allow you to pursue financial compensation for your injuries. A qualified San Jose motorcycle accident attorney can help you build a strong case against the responsible party and make the process as painless as possible. As an added benefit, a motorcycle accident lawyer can help you get the maximum financial recovery. You can get more money than you ever thought possible if you hire an attorney.

Despite the fact that motorcycle accidents are relatively rare, they are still fatal. Most motorcycle accidents are caused by car accidents, and more than half of all motorcycle fatalities are attributed to car crashes. Many crashes involve head-on collisions, so over-speeding motorcyclists are digging their own grave. Similarly, California’s comparative fault laws mean that your recovery from a personal injury lawsuit can be reduced by the percentage of fault you bear in the accident.

In addition to accidents caused by other vehicles, motorcycle riders should also seek compensation from negligent drivers. Motorcycle riders often fall between two lanes of stopped traffic and are not always visible to motorists. Motorcycle crashes can be caused by a variety of factors, and the right San Jose motorcycle accident attorney will investigate all potential causes and determine who was at fault. It is important to remember that motorcycle accidents can be caused by outside factors such as road conditions, which can lead to prejudice, and negligence by drivers.

Injuries that can occur in a motorcycle accident

Some of the most devastating injuries a motorcycle accident can result in are spinal cord and back injuries. Broken bones can lead to long-term disability or even total paralysis. Broken bones can also cause extensive pain and contribute to other accident-related conditions. Broken leg bones and torn ligaments are also common. Amputations may also occur during a motorcycle accident. Victims may lose limbs and require extensive orthopedic reconstruction.

Internal bleeding can occur as a result of penetrating trauma or blunt force. Internal bleeding can be difficult to detect on your own, but symptoms can include lightheadedness, bruising, and purple skin around the injured area. Bleeding inside the body can be a severe injury requiring emergency medical attention. Bleeding inside the head and inside the large blood vessels can be particularly serious. Symptoms of internal bleeding are usually hard to detect, so seeking immediate medical care can be crucial.

Other serious injuries from a motorcycle accident include traumatic brain injury, limb amputation, and road rash. Traumatic brain injuries are especially dangerous, and can lead to lifelong limitations and long-term care. Traumatic brain injuries can lead to paralysis, and are usually the result of thoracic spine injuries, which are the most common in motorcycle accidents. The pain and tenderness experienced by a motorcycle accident victim are often signs of a serious injury. Traumatic brain injuries can even lead to organ damage.

Injuries that can occur in a motorbike accident include head trauma, which can cause traumatic brain injury. Although helmets are designed to protect the head, they don’t protect the spinal cord, thereby shifting the risk of injury to the neck. Serious spinal cord injuries can result in quadriplegia, which is permanent paralysis. Traumatic brain injuries always involve significant long-term medical costs.

Broken bones are the most common type of injury sustained in a motorcycle accident. Broken bones can be life-threatening, and often result in a full body of broken bones. Broken bones are a common result of motorcycle accidents, but they can occur in any part of the body. Broken bones can include the skull, ribs, collarbone, and bones in the arms and legs. Internal injuries, such as spinal cord injury, can cause numbness beneath the injury site or even complete paralysis in one or more regions.

Leg injuries are one of the most common types of motorcycle injuries. While leg injuries rarely result in death, they can be very painful and disabling. Broken bones, road rash, and severe bruising can all occur in the leg area. A good plan for protecting your leg in a motorcycle accident is to wear protective clothing and armor pants. Proper protection will keep you safe from these types of injuries, and proper driving can make the difference between a severe leg injury and complete paralysis.