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Nashville Truck Accident Attorney

If you have been in a trucking accident in Tennessee, you are probably wondering whether you need to hire a Nashville truck accident attorney. There are many different kinds of attorneys, but the three most notable are Stillman & Friedland, Cummings Law, and Jim Tiller Law. This article will go over the advantages of hiring a Nashville truck accident attorney and the process of filing a claim. These attorneys are all experienced in handling truck accident claims, so you can rest assured they will represent you properly and fairly.

Jim Tiller Law

For over twenty years, Jim Tiller has been helping Tennessee residents who have been in an auto accident receive the compensation they deserve. He represents individuals in car, motorcycle, construction, and truck accident cases. In addition to truck accidents, Jim Tiller also practices personal injury law. During his career, he has helped hundreds of people win millions of dollars in social security disability benefits and settlements. With this wealth of experience, you can rest assured that you are in good hands with Jim Tiller Law.

Jim Dawson’s personal experience has provided the foundation for his legal practice. He grew up in a coal-mining family and saw firsthand the devastation that job-related injuries and even death can bring. He pursued law school and passed the bar immediately after graduation. His passion for the law led him to practice in Nashville. During his career, Jim Dawson has protected the rights of Tennessee truck accident victims by pursuing compensation for their medical bills, vehicle damages, and even wrongful death. His firm is dedicated to protecting clients’ rights and pursuing justice through hard work, preparation, and open communication. His compassionate, personal service and genuine concern for his clients have helped him build a stellar reputation.

Surber, Asher, & Moushon, PLLC is another Nashville truck accident attorney. This firm specializes in litigation and helps accident victims get the compensation they deserve. The firm was formed in 2020 by combining Young & McCarthy and Leizerman & Associates, and now has six board-certified attorneys and 60 multi-million dollar verdicts to their clients. In addition, Joel P. Surber is a member of the Academy of Hospitality Industry Attorneys.

Experience matters. Jim Tiller Law is a Nashville car accident attorney with years of experience in representing victims of car accidents in Tennessee. The firm has offices in Nashville, Tennessee, and Bowling Green, Kentucky. In addition, the firm has offices in Atlanta, Georgia and Bowling Green, Kentucky. You can also turn to Reasonover Law if you have been involved in an auto accident. No matter the type of auto accident you are in, you should consult with an experienced Nashville car accident attorney.

Before opening his Nashville office, Jim Tiller was a long-time community leader. He served as a county commissioner for 12 years. He was a board member of the Robertson County Chamber of Commerce and was a past president of the organization. He also worked with various organizations such as the ASCS office. His passion for community service is apparent in his practice. He serves his community in a variety of capacities and was a prominent member of the Robertson County Board of Education for nearly four decades.

Stillman & Friedland

If you are suffering from the aftermath of a truck accident in Nashville, you need the services of an experienced lawyer. Stillman & Friedland is a reputable firm with 20 employees and bilingual attorneys who are experienced in both English and Spanish. This firm provides legal representation to truck accident victims in pursuing compensation for medical expenses, vehicle damages, and wrongful death. With four decades of combined experience in personal injury law, Stillman & Friedland has litigated thousands of cases and will represent you aggressively in court.

The Law Firm for Truck Safety, LLP is an effective Nashville truck accident attorney. The firm represents truck accident victims and their families in obtaining compensation for their injuries. In addition, the firm also handles insurance coverage disputes. The firm’s six board-certified attorneys have substantial experience in handling cases, including trucking accidents. Joel P. Surber is admitted to practice law in Texas, and he has membership in the Academy of Hospitality Industry Attorneys.

Cummings Law

If you’ve been in a car crash caused by a commercial truck, you might want to talk to a Nashville truck accident attorney. Commercial trucks weigh up to 30 times more than a car, making the driver of the car significantly more vulnerable to injury. An experienced Nashville truck accident attorney will use his or her thorough knowledge of state and local laws to get you the compensation you deserve. Contact Cummings Law today to learn more.

If you have suffered serious injuries, you might be wondering who should be responsible for your losses. An experienced attorney can make the difference between a fair settlement or a hefty payout. A Nashville truck accident attorney will be able to explain your rights to the insurance company and help you get a fair settlement. Brian Cummings has more than fifteen years of experience representing clients in trucking accidents. He understands how insurance companies evaluate claims and applies this knowledge throughout the litigation process.

Another law firm in Nashville is 615 Lawyer. It has been helping car accident victims and their families since 1986. They help car accident victims get compensation for medical bills, property damages, and lost wages. The attorneys at 615 Lawyer are certified in trial law and have over 50 years of combined experience. They handle car accident cases involving negligence, uninsured drivers, and taxi and rideshare vehicles. The principal attorney of Cummings Law is a licensed attorney who graduated from Nashville School of law.

In another case, Brian Cummings represented the husband of a woman who died in her late 30s. The woman had asked her doctor about a change in her breast during a self-examination. He had told her not to worry and that it would go away on its own. However, after the woman’s death, a different doctor diagnosed the physical change as breast cancer, and she eventually died.

Brian Manookian, a Nashville truck accident attorney, is a skilled and experienced legal professional who serves the injured. The firm has a track record of success in helping victims receive compensation for medical expenses and lost earning potential. The Higgins Firm also handles cases involving medical malpractice, defective drugs, and nursing home abuse. The firm’s attorneys have successfully obtained settlements for their clients, resulting in thousands of dollars in financial recovery.

Brian McLaughlin is a certified medical malpractice attorney. To earn certification, attorneys must have extensive trial experience and pass a written exam. The firm’s AV rating means the lawyers rank them at the highest level of excellence. He is a board-certified civil pre-trial specialist, which means that he understands the psychology of jurors and how to persuade them to award you the compensation you deserve.