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New York Construction Accident Lawyer

Injuries to construction workers can be devastating. Some fall between heavy objects, while others get trapped between them. Electrical shock is a serious threat to construction workers who aren’t properly trained. Moving objects can also strike workers and cause secondary injuries. The range of harm construction workers can suffer is truly staggering. Lawyers specializing in construction accidents handle all kinds of cases, including falls from scaffolds, collapsed scaffolds, and unsafe equipment.

Worker’s compensation claims

Finding a good New York construction accident lawyer for worker’s comp claims is crucial in the aftermath of a construction site accident. Injured workers are entitled to compensation for lost wages and medical bills. They can also recover their lost wages in case they are forced to miss work due to pain, immobility, or therapy. The time frame for submitting a claim for worker’s comp benefits is very limited, and if you wait too long, you may miss out on the money you deserve.

The cost of a construction site accident is devastating, especially if a worker is left with a permanent disability. Not only is the physical pain excruciating, but medical bills can pile up even faster. Medical visits and doctor appointments can quickly become more expensive than the injured worker can afford to pay. Even worse, they can rob a family of time spent together. As a result, many construction accident lawyers handle cases of permanent partial disability, which awards benefits based on the injured body part.

In addition to worker’s comp benefits, a construction accident lawyer in New York can sue the property owner, general contractor, product manufacturer, or employer for negligence. An experienced construction accident lawyer in New York will know the intricacies of labor laws, including the laws that apply to worker’s compensation. They can also pursue claims for general damages, such as mental anguish, disfigurement, and emotional distress.

Many construction accident victims opt to hire a construction accident lawyer to pursue a worker’s compensation claim. However, they do so for fear of paying high attorney’s fees and medical bills. These factors can make the difference between a fair settlement and a substantial lawsuit. A skilled construction accident lawyer will ensure that you are treated fairly and receive the monetary compensation you deserve. This is the best way to protect yourself and your family from the financial costs of a construction site accident.

Non-economic damages

In a construction accident, the non-economic damages cover losses that cannot be measured by money. Although medical bills are typically covered, victims may also suffer severe psychological losses, such as the inability to work or participate in hobbies. Non-economic damages compensate for these types of losses, including pain and suffering, emotional distress, and loss of consortium. They may be difficult to quantify, but are important to the successful recovery of a victim.

In addition to physical injuries, non-economic damages include pain and suffering, which occur in the aftermath of an injury. These damages can include the loss of ability to do basic activities, such as household chores. For example, a victim may be unable to get sexual intercourse with their partner after the accident, or may be incapable of performing household duties. Such damages are important in a construction accident claim. Therefore, the lawyer should carefully evaluate all aspects of the victim’s life.

Although non-economic damages are largely speculative, plaintiffs must make an argument that they will incur large economic losses as a result of the construction accident. They can strengthen their case by providing testimony during depositions and trial. In addition to providing evidence of how the accident has affected their lives, plaintiffs must also tell their story, including the impact of the accident on their lives. By providing detailed examples, the attorney can convince the jury to award the plaintiff the maximum possible amount.

In calculating non-economic damages, the jury assigns a daily value to non-economic damages based on the severity of the injuries and the effect they’ll have on their life. Then, the jury multiplies this number by the number of days the injury lasts. For example, a person suffering from chronic pain, PTSD, or depression, would receive $15,000 in non-economic damages.

Negligent construction companies

It is possible to sue construction companies in New York for negligence. As a general rule, construction companies and property owners are responsible for ensuring a safe working environment. This is the case even if a construction worker is injured. However, it is important to note that a construction company or property owner is not automatically negligent, even if they were at fault. This is because liability can be passed by common law or contract, which is usually the only defense.

Nevertheless, it is difficult to sue a construction company for negligence unless the contractor or developer is liable for the damage caused. Generally, a construction company or developer is liable if the work is not completed as specified. This duty extends to any future buyer of the property. This is a difficult area to navigate, but a recent New York appellate court opinion gives you some insight into the nuances of construction defect lawsuits.

There is an additional statute that provides a legal avenue for workers injured on construction sites. New York Labor Law 200, also known as Common Law Negligence, mandates that construction companies and property owners provide a safe working environment for their employees and visitors. Specifically, it requires construction companies and property owners to provide safety guardrails and adequate lighting. Workers may also be entitled to compensation if their employer violates these laws.

In this case, the plaintiff Spielmann fell when a door in a plywood fence opened onto a sidewalk in New York County. The premises being renovated were owned by the defendant, 170 Broadway NYC LP. The construction companies involved included DeMartino Construction Co., Inc., and McGowan Builders Inc., as well as Colgate Enterprise Corp. The plaintiffs’ claim is based on the law and the negligence of both companies.

Contacting a lawyer

Contacting a New York construction accident attorney is crucial if you have suffered a construction accident. The amount of compensation you can receive will depend on the severity of your injuries and the nature of the accident. Some construction accidents have so many different elements that it can be difficult to assess how much compensation to seek. However, with the help of an experienced New York construction accident attorney, you can determine a fair settlement amount.

When it comes to claiming compensation from a construction site, the rules and regulations for safety are very strict. However, sometimes multiple parties fail to protect workers and cause accidents. These parties include equipment manufacturers, owners, and general contractors. In some cases, the owner may be responsible for lessening their liability if a worker is injured or killed. Having a New York construction accident lawyer on your side can help you navigate the complex insurance claims process, which will increase your chances of recovering the money you deserve.

If you are injured while working for a private entity, you will have a three-year window to file a claim. It is important to act quickly, however, as the insurance company will most likely attempt to deny the claim if you wait too long. However, the help of a skilled New York construction accident lawyer will ensure that you are compensated for your injuries. Injured workers can even pursue legal action against insurance companies if they are negligent in the construction industry.

While workers cannot legally sue their employers, you may still be entitled to compensation for your injuries and lost wages. The law allows you to file a workers’ compensation claim for medical expenses, lost wages, and other benefits. Even if you were injured in a construction accident, you may be eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits. Depending on your injury, you can seek a settlement from the responsible party.

Recovering damages

When you’ve been injured in a construction accident, you may want to pursue a personal injury lawsuit. In addition to financial compensation, these lawsuits allow you to sue the company responsible for the accident for punitive damages. However, there is a strict deadline for filing a claim. For example, you must submit your claim within 90 days if you worked for a municipal entity. Fortunately, this deadline is shortened if you’re working for a private company or municipality.

The first step in recovering compensation in a construction accident case in New York is identifying the liable party. In New York, this person could be another employee, a supervisor, or the company itself. For example, if a worker reports an electrical wire that has been damaged, his supervisor may be liable for the accident. Moreover, if the supervisor fails to take action, the worker is likely to suffer an electrocution injury. In this case, the employer was negligent in failing to address the electrical wire.

In addition to paying medical bills, you can also claim for lost wages. Injuries can take several weeks to heal, which means you may miss a lot of work. In addition, you may suffer emotional pain as a result of the accident. If you’re unable to work due to your injury, you may be able to recover these costs by claiming pain and suffering damages. This can be a valuable part of the compensation you receive from your construction accident lawyer.

In addition to medical bills, a construction accident lawyer can also pursue payments for rehabilitation costs, funeral expenses, and lost income. In addition to monetary compensation, a construction accident lawyer can help you protect your legal rights. An experienced construction accident lawyer can hold the responsible party accountable and help you obtain a proper compensation. And a legal expert can help you protect your rights in the best way possible. If the accident was your fault, you should be compensated fairly for your loss.