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Philadelphia Slip and Fall Attorney

Hiring a Philadelphia slip and fall attorney can help you obtain compensation for your injuries. The best Philadelphia slip and fall attorneys are hands-on and involve themselves in every case. Their experience in Pennsylvania’s laws of comparative negligence, for instance, will be of great value to you if you need to win a slip and fall case. In addition, they will be able to prove the hazard was present for a long enough period to have caused your injury. If the owner had realized that the hazard existed, they would have fixed it sooner.

Edith Pearce is a philadelphia slip and fall lawyer

The Philadelphia personal injury attorney Edith Pearce is a nationally recognized expert in the field of personal injury law. She was named one of Newsweek’s top 20 women in law. Edith will speak at the 15th Annual Personal Injury Potpourri on April 16th. The event will take place on the sixth floor of the Pennsylvania Convention Center, two Logan Square.

In 2002, Edith Pearce founded The PEARCE Law Firm, P.C., as a solo female attorney. She previously worked for an insurance company and defense law firm. Today, she focuses her practice on the needs of injured victims. Originally from the suburbs of Philadelphia, Edith Pearce received her law degree at Temple University and Villanova University.

The Pearce Law Firm is committed to personalized attention and care. Many large personal injury law firms have dozens of attorneys, and you’ll rarely speak to the top attorney. At Pearce, every case is handled by Edith Pearce. That way, you’ll be able to speak to her directly. You can expect personalized attention and effective representation from Edith Pearce.

As a top Philadelphia slip and fall attorney, Edith Pearce is recognized as a Super Lawyer. She specializes in personal injury and employment law, and has a distinct advantage in settling cases and maximizing recovery for her clients. Pearce’s extensive trial experience has also given her the inside knowledge of insurance practices and trial defenses that many other lawyers lack.

She can handle your case

Evidence can be a huge help in proving liability in a slip and fall case. Photos or videos of the area where you fell are useful, as well as any personal injuries you may have sustained. Make sure to focus your evidence on what caused the injury. The store will likely use every defense possible to deny liability, so having visual proof can make the difference between a favorable settlement and a hefty settlement.

While your slip and fall accident may be simple enough, you should not underestimate the difficulty involved. Whether the incident happened on a public or private property, your case will be complicated. In addition, if you fell on someone’s property, they might argue that you were partially to blame. This could result in a significant reduction in the amount of money you receive in damages. You will want to avoid this if at all possible.

While you may feel stressed when filing your slip and fall case, it is important not to make any statements that may be used against you in the event of a lawsuit. You may be worried that your claims will be limited or that the insurance company will exploit your ignorance. In such a case, an attorney can handle these interactions on your behalf. Not only will this reduce your stress, but she can also increase your chances of success.

You should also keep a journal to document the accident. Keeping a journal will help you remember details about the accident, including pain levels, doctor’s visits, and psychological suffering. Additionally, you should keep notes about daily activities and whether you were able to perform them because of your slip and fall. In some cases, a jury may find you 40 percent responsible for your slip and fall accident if you’re not aware that the sidewalk or walkway was dangerous.