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Why a Motorcycle Accident Attorney Is a Valuable Asset

A Chicago motorcycle accident attorney is a valuable asset in these cases. They can help you fight for the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Motorcycle accidents are serious and can cost you a significant amount of money. You deserve a fair settlement that will cover the costs of your physical and psychological recovery. Motorcycle crashes made up 1.2% of all vehicle collisions in 2020 in Illinois and were responsible for 14.1% of fatalities. According to statistics, 152 motorcyclists died in crashes during this time.


A traumatic event can have lasting emotional and mental effects. Post-traumatic stress disorder is a real thing, affecting millions of people worldwide. In addition to causing physical symptoms, PTSD can also have devastating effects on a person’s relationships. In addition, it can lead to a higher risk of suicide. If you or a loved one has suffered from PTSD after a motorcycle accident, a Chicago motorcycle accident attorney can help you obtain compensation and treatment for your traumatic experience.

Many victims of motorcycle accidents suffer from PTSD. Those with PTSD experience distressing recollections of the trauma and may avoid situations or items that trigger those memories. In some cases, victims will experience an elevated state of arousal and suffer from sleep disturbances and an over-exaggerated startle response. A Chicago motorcycle accident attorney can help you file a personal injury claim if you have PTSD and are unable to work or cope with the symptoms.

A Chicago motorcycle accident attorney can investigate the crash and work with the other party to obtain maximum compensation for your injuries. They will also handle communications and other necessary paperwork and can represent you at court. In the worst case scenario, you may have to spend time recovering from your injuries or even dealing with PTSD. If you are unable to work for a year or even get a disability due to your accident, a Chicago motorcycle accident attorney can help you fight for compensation.

Catastrophic injuries

There are several types of catastrophic injuries that can occur in a motorcycle accident. The most common types of injuries include leg and lower-extremity injuries. Bone fractures are more likely than soft tissue injuries, and blunt-force trauma may damage internal organs. Although many riders do not suffer catastrophic injuries, they may need life-long medical care. Below are some of the most common types of motorcycle accident injuries and their causes.

Severe burns: A motorcycle crash can leave a rider with a severe burn that damages the skin’s epidermis and dermis. The impact can cause neuropathic pain and impairment of movement. Severe burns can even result in disfiguring scars and may require surgery and skin grafting. Burns may require special treatment to prevent infection. Some can even require amputation.

Traumatic brain injury: Traumatic brain injuries can cause permanent disabilities and debilitating symptoms. The person who sustains a catastrophic injury may be unable to work or earn a living, and may never be able to return to their former profession. A Los Angeles Car Accident Attorney can help victims of such accidents. With extensive knowledge and experience in motorcycle accident law, an attorney can help make your claim and ensure that you get the compensation you deserve.

Severe spinal cord injury: If a motorcyclist is thrown from their motorcycle and slides across pavement, he or she can suffer a spine injury. Serious spinal cord injuries may cause permanent paralysis. In some cases, severe spinal injuries may result in amputation. Regardless of the severity of the motorcycle accident, you should seek medical attention immediately after the crash. This is a serious problem.

Traumatic brain injury: The trauma you experience in a motorcycle accident may cause a number of lifelong effects. The traumatic events that result from the accident may be too painful to be dealt with. Survivors may be unable to return to work for months or years. Even if you are able to return to work, you may face a long rehabilitation process. Many victims of catastrophic injuries also suffer profound emotional problems.

Evidence to prove liability

Photographs and video footage of a motorcycle accident can prove to be powerful evidence, and may be the only proof you need to prove the other party’s fault. Photos of the accident site, weather conditions, and injuries may also prove to be persuasive. Similarly, eyewitness statements from witnesses may provide important evidence, especially if they were at the scene of the accident at the time of the accident. These statements can be convincing if they are taken immediately after the crash occurs.

Eyewitness statements can also be evidence in a motorcycle accident lawsuit. Witnesses’ statements will not prove liability, but they can corroborate your version of the events. If possible, get their contact information, too. You can use this information to get in touch with them after the accident if you need it later. In addition to witness statements, the police report may contain information about the other party. Obtaining their contact information is important, as it will be useful for proving liability.

If you’re involved in a motorcycle accident, gather all of the information you can on the accident scene. Gather the contact information of witnesses and take photographs of the damage to your motorcycle and the other party’s vehicle. Witnesses can provide critical information regarding who was at fault and how much compensation you should receive. The more witnesses you have, the better, as it will be able to convince an insurance company that the other driver was at fault.

Eyewitness testimony may corroborate your side of the story. It can also support your side of the story and provide a starting point for investigation. If the accident is the result of drunk driving, police reports may indicate the other driver was at fault and may be disputed by the insurance company. If there was video evidence of the collision, the police report may help prove who was at fault. These reports are less comprehensive but may contain critical details.

Photographs and video footage of the crash may help the plaintiff establish negligence and collect compensation. Bystanders may also be helpful in motorcycle accident lawsuits, as they can provide valuable information. Photographs and video footage may also prove that the other driver was at fault. Photos and video footage can be helpful when presenting your case to an insurance company. You should also preserve any damaged items or evidence that might support your claim. This way, you’ll be able to show how the other party’s negligence caused your crash.

Getting legal counsel after a motorcycle accident

Getting legal counsel after a motorcycle accident is extremely important if you are in serious pain. It’s crucial to get the right legal advice so that your case will be as strong as possible. If the accident was the fault of someone else, you may be eligible to sue for lost wages, medical expenses, or other compensation. However, in order to file a lawsuit, you must do so within two years of the accident. While this seems like a long time, it’s best to hire an attorney as soon as possible to get your case started.

Hiring a lawyer as soon as possible is a great idea, especially if you want to see success. Although many people wait until they are fully recovered physically before retaining legal counsel, you should consider getting legal representation as soon as possible after the crash. In this way, your attorney will have ample time to gather evidence and answer insurance adjuster questions. If you have suffered serious injuries, the lawyer will be able to calculate the damages and evaluate any insurance coverage that you may have.

A motorcycle accident lawyer will help you get the compensation you deserve. In addition to helping you recover from the trauma of a motorcycle accident, a motorcycle lawyer will also collect evidence to prove the other party’s fault. This evidence could include pictures of the scene of the accident, copies of police reports, and eyewitness statements. Your lawyer will also handle insurance company communication and ensure the paperwork is filed correctly. Ultimately, motorcycle accident lawyers will make your recovery process easier and more enjoyable.

It’s vital to hire a motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible after your accident, so that you can get the financial recovery that you deserve. In most cases, motorcycle accident victims have never been in this situation before, and they might not know where to turn first. By hiring a motorcycle accident attorney, you’ll know your legal rights and be able to file a lawsuit with your own insurance company.