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Work Injury Lawyer San Antonio

If you are in the process of filing a claim for workers’ compensation in Texas, you may be wondering how to find a work injury lawyer in San Antonio. There are many options to choose from. This article will introduce you to four work injury lawyers in San Antonio: Nadine M. Nieto, Frank Herrera, and Neil Calfas. Each specializes in the field of workers’ compensation and personal injury.

Nadine M. Nieto is a personal injury lawyer

If you’ve been injured in an accident, you may want to contact an attorney with extensive experience in personal injury cases. Nadine M. Nieto is based in San Antonio, but she represents clients in South Texas as well. She graduated from South San Antonio High School with honors and then attended the University of Texas at Austin and Thurgood Marshall School of Law, where she earned her Juris Doctorate. She is a member of the Texas Trial Lawyers Association.

Rodriguez Trial Law represents clients in South Texas. They specialize in defending the rights of individuals and families who have suffered injuries at work due to the negligent or reckless behavior of a third party. They also handle accidents involving defective machinery and equipment, automobile accidents while traveling to and from work, and defective products. Fidel Rodriguez, Jr. is the principal attorney of the firm and has extensive experience in the legal field. He has been named to the Top 100 National Trial Lawyers list each year since 2015.

Frank Herrera is a work injury lawyer

As a work injury lawyer in San Antonio, Frank Herrera is a powerful force in his community. As a member of numerous boards, he has presented on oil field accidents and modern technology. In addition, he serves on a local grievance committee. In his free time, he enjoys reading, coaching his children’s sports teams, and participating in various community service organizations.

While Barrera Trial Law is a San Antonio work injury attorney, he is also a criminal defense attorney. He handles cases involving construction site accidents, electrical accidents, and defective machinery. His other areas of practice include business, criminal defense, and family law. His practice is extensive and his reputation is well-established. It is important to remember that your right to compensation is paramount. If you or a loved one has been injured due to the negligence of another, you are entitled to compensation for the medical bills, lost wages, and temporary or permanent disability.

A work injury can permanently alter the quality of your life. Even the smallest mistake can lead to serious injuries, compromising your ability to work. When you are injured, you need a seasoned work injury lawyer to pursue the compensation you deserve. Frank Herrera, Jr., is a seasoned San Antonio work injury attorney who is passionate about helping injured clients seek justice. So if you have suffered an injury because of someone else’s carelessness, contact Herrera Law Firm today.

If you were injured while working, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical care and lost wages. A San Antonio work injury attorney will aggressively pursue compensation for your losses and medical expenses. In addition to work injury cases, LaHood Law also handles criminal defense, probate, and family law cases. If you are wondering who to choose for your work injury case, contact Frank Herrera today!

Neil Calfas is a work injury lawyer

Attorney Neil Calfas has extensive experience representing injured workers in a variety of cases, including those involving personal injury. Neil Calfas has been involved in several high profile cases, and has gained a reputation as a tough and aggressive attorney while still being caring and compassionate. In fact, he has successfully represented thousands of individuals in personal injury and work accident cases, and has even temporarily teamed up with Marc LaHood before forming his own firm. The pair have won every State Jury Trial they’ve tried together.

An experienced work injury lawyer can help you determine your options and fight for the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Nadine M. Nieto has been helping injured workers since 1995. Nadine M. Nieto has been a San Antonio personal injury and workers’ compensation lawyer for over twenty years, and has recovered millions of dollars for her clients. For more information about Nadine M. Nieto’s qualifications, visit her website.

Calfas Law Group is one of the top San Antonio law firms, serving clients with serious personal injury, family law, and criminal charges. Their attorneys have extensive experience and industry recognition, and consistently obtain favorable outcomes for their clients. Their approach to each case is personalized and focused, and they keep clients informed of every stage. Neil Calfas is a work injury lawyer in San Antonio, Texas who has earned the respect of his peers in the legal field.

Regardless of the type of work injury you’re facing, you deserve compensation for your suffering. A skilled work injury attorney can help you file a lawsuit and pursue the justice you deserve. Ronald A. Ramos, P.C. is a top San Antonio work injury attorney who will fight to protect your rights and pursue justice for your case. He provides free case evaluations and legal consultations.

Felix Gonzalez Accident and Injury Law Firm specializes in workers’ compensation claims

As a personal injury attorney, Felix Gonzalez focuses on the protection of injured workers by pursuing justice against large corporations, insurance companies, and other liable parties. His highly skilled legal team aggressively advocates for the rights of their clients, and provides personalized service. For an initial consultation, contact Felix Gonzalez Accident and Injury Law Firm at (800) 357-5374 or request a case evaluation online.

Whether you have been injured at work or at home, workers’ compensation benefits are intended to cover the expenses associated with the injury. Unfortunately, this compensation may not be enough to cover the long-term effects of the injury. Moreover, not every injured worker survives the accident or exposure. If a family member of a worker is killed at work, they may be seeking answers, closure, and justice. With the help of a qualified worker’s compensation attorney, they can receive this.

The Barrera Firm specializes in workplace accident claims involving the negligence of third parties

An employee who has been injured at work may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. This compensation can cover medical expenses, wage loss, and even temporary disability, all of which can result from an accident. At the Barrera Firm, our attorneys have been recognized by the Wall Street Journal as among the top lawyers in Texas. In addition to their focus on injury claims, we also practice criminal defense and business law.