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Workers Comp Lawyer Dallas

If you have been injured on the job, you may be entitled to receive compensation from the company you work for. However, this may not be enough to cover the damages you have suffered. This is where you should seek the help of a workers comp lawyer Dallas. Read on to learn how to find a top lawyer to represent your interests. You will need to work with a lawyer who will fight aggressively for your rights.

Domingo Garcia Law Office

The Domingo Garcia Law Office is a team of attorneys dedicated to helping accident victims recover compensation for work-related injuries. The law firm reviews each case to determine who was at fault for the accident and how to proceed from there. The owner of the firm, Domingo Garcia, has 37 years of experience, and his practice includes providing legal services to the poor in Dallas legal clinics.

Mr. Garcia is a nationally recognized speaker on issues relating to Latinos, politics, and civics. He has spoken on numerous occasions for the United States State Department and is a frequent contributor to a variety of local, state, and national publications. He has been featured on several television shows, including Bill O’Riley and Geraldo Rivera, and is an active member of the Dallas Bar Association.

The law firm has offices in Dallas and Bachman Lake, and has been practicing law in Texas since 1989. Its attorneys help workers obtain compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and vocational rehabilitation. Additionally, it is committed to protecting the rights of injured workers and preventing unfair termination. This law firm offers consultations, seminars, and legal representation throughout Texas. It has offices throughout the city and serves clients from across Texas.

In a recent case, Encore accused Domingo Garcia of filing forged affidavits. The employee had signed the affidavits but Garcia denied any knowledge of them. He then withdrew the affidavits from summary judgment evidence. The trial court concluded that Garcia’s affidavits were forged and filed in bad faith.


MLF Legal PLLC is a law firm with over 40 years of experience in the field of workers’ compensation. They represent clients during benefit review conferences and other proceedings related to workers’ compensation claims. In addition to handling claims, these attorneys also represent clients in litigation in courts across Texas. MLF Legal PLLC is one of the most well-known law firms in North Texas. Here’s why.

Josia Jose is a lawyer with extensive experience in working with workers’ compensation cases. She grew up with an attorney and always knew she wanted a career in law. Born in India, she earned the 11th spot on her state’s statewide law entrance exam. She studied hard in law school, excelled in her classes, and went on to win a constitutional case in India before the country’s highest court.

The Texas workers’ compensation system is complex and full of pitfalls. At MLF Legal, our workers’ compensation attorneys help injured workers navigate the system and beat the insurance company in court. If you’ve been injured on the job, we invite you to download our FREE Ultimate Survival Guide for Texas Injured Workers. The Ultimate Survival Guide is your free guide to the complex and frustrating legal process of receiving workers’ compensation.

When you’ve been injured at work, it’s important to seek immediate medical care and treatment. The best workers’ compensation attorneys will ensure that you’re compensated for your injuries and lost wages. You can also receive benefits to retrain for another job, if necessary. MLF Legal works on the principle of putting your needs first. Its Dallas workers’ compensation lawyers are certified by Lead Counsel, a national certification program.

Thompson Law LLP

If you’ve been injured on the job, you need to get legal representation as soon as possible. Thompson Law is a reputable law firm with more than 450 years of collective experience. The attorneys at Thompson Law are friendly, efficient, and bilingual. You’ll feel comfortable knowing they’re on your side, and you can be assured that your case will be handled with the highest level of care and professionalism.

The firm’s lawyers employ advanced tactics to maximize compensation for injured workers. Robert and Kelly Clements have over thirty years of combined experience in third-party liability workplace injury litigation. They have helped many people in Dallas maximize compensation for on-the-job injuries. To learn more about their team, click below. They also accept cases throughout Texas. In addition to attorneys in DFW, Thompson Law also maintains offices in San Antonio and Houston.

A work injury can result in costly medical bills and lost income. Thankfully, workers’ compensation insurance can help cover these expenses. Even if your employer does not carry workers’ compensation insurance, you can still file a claim for compensation if someone else is responsible for your injuries. However, Texas does not require employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance. If you were injured at work by someone else, you can still have legal recourse if you’re not satisfied with your employer’s response.

While the system of compensation has many benefits, it also carries its share of pitfalls. Despite its popularity, Texas has a remarkably high rate of workplace injuries. While certain types of jobs are more prone to injuries, any job can result in an injury. Some workers suffer from repetitive stress injuries (RSI) and crush injuries. Regardless of the cause of the accident, they’re entitled to legal help and consultation from a workers compensation lawyer.

Polewski & Associates

If you’re in need of a workers comp attorney in Dallas, you can count on Polewski & Associates. Their attorneys are dedicated to fighting for workers compensation benefits and personal injury victims. They will fight for your rights and help you recover as much money as possible. In addition, their attorneys have extensive experience in other legal areas, including medical malpractice and serious injury. This allows them to handle cases involving large sums of money and significant personal injury.

As a Dallas workers compensation attorney, John Polewski provides personalized attention to each client. His goal is to help injured workers obtain maximum benefits for their medical expenses, lost wages, and temporary disability benefits. His firm handles everything from auto accidents resulting from work-related car accidents to explosions in the workplace. His firm has a comprehensive legal staff and offers Spanish-speaking services. In addition to handling workers’ comp claims, he also handles wrongful death cases.

With over 30 years of experience, John Polewski is an excellent choice for workers compensation claims in Dallas. His firm also handles wrongful death, medical malpractice, and personal injury cases. He has a perfect 10.0 rating on AVVO and is board-certified in personal injury trial law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Moreover, his firm has offices in Texas and Arkansas. The Little Rock office handles medical malpractice cases exclusively.

Aside from Texas workers’ compensation benefits, other types of work-related injuries may be the fault of third parties. In some cases, negligent construction workers or delivery drivers can cause workplace accidents. Ultimately, you must determine who is to blame for your injuries to get compensation for your medical bills and lost income. As long as your employer is covered by workers’ compensation insurance, you have legal options for filing a workers comp claim.